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Why Should I Go 3D?


2D videos were cool in the 1990s. But so was the Macarena. And Netscape. People make groaning noises at the sight of yet another 2D animated explainer video. Oh! This is in 3D! Awesome! Come check this out Brad. 3D is the #1 trick to standing out from the rest!


Do you remember the last time you saw a new 2D Disney movie? There’s a reason why it’s all in 3D these days. 3D sells which means 3D is what people want It’s a trend that likely here to stay and you want to be like the cool kids, right?

[smiles and scratches head]

Gotcha. But Why You Guys?
I Think My Cousin Knows Someone.

Creativity Storm Session

It’s as cool as it sounds. This is not a sales
pitch session in disguise. It’s 101% about YOU!
(The extra 1% is not charged for either)

CopyWriting & Advertising Techniques

There is a quote from Steve Jobs that says: “Master the topic, the message, and the delivery”.

We can discuss your topic, the message you want to be delivered, the ways of delivering it to your target audience, and every tricky detail in between. Rest assured that we know what we’re talking about.

"You Are Understood" Document

Nothing is more important than being on the same page.

You’ll explain your vision through documents, videos, links (whatever way is best for you) and once we feel that we’ve got it, we’ll prepare a document for you to show our understanding.

Eye-Catching Animations

Quality speaks louder than words, or was it actions? whatever, what we mean is that we have some of the finest 3D animators in our team that guarantee the best quality. Take a look at our previous works to confirm this.

[squints eyes to show concern]

Besides Your Mom, Are There Any Clients That Can Back You Up?

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[smiles with interest and leans in]

OK. Step by Step, Walk Me Through The Process (Please)


We'll expertly craft your script. We follow the latest copywriting principles and understand all the tricks - from the hook principle to converting properties to advantages. We don't use platitude words and our grammar are perfect (couldn't resist). Getting the perfect script is vital to your video’s success.


We'll create a storyboard for you - a visual representation of your video and all its elements, including characters, locations, scenes etc.

Voice Over

We'll source the best voice-over talent and send you recorded samples. Once you've chosen your preference the selected voice-over artist will do their golden-voice thing in studio and we'll send you the result.

Draft Animation (PreViz)

We'll present you with the first draft preview of your video with rough animations. This PreViz video will show you the video's structure and direction, including scenarios, timing, camera angles and scene content.

This is the point that you'll get that tingly excited feeling.

Preview Animation

This is where you'll get to see the almost completed final video. Everything will be in place and ready for your final feedback. The main difference between this and the final product is the low-resolution rendering.

This is the part where you get really excited!

Final Video

After you approve the preview, we'll render your video at the highest possible resolution and suitable size (1080p) and send it to you.

You'll thank us for the great work and we'll thank you for being a great client!

[leans back and sips coffe]

I got some questions:

In this 30-minute session we’ll cover things such as:

  • Copywriting, advertising and technique ideas to see what inspires you
  • Taking a deeper look into your product and your market
  • A creative ideas exchange that will give you the confidence that we understand your taste and vision.

That’s just some of the things but we’ll keep the other good stuff a secret so we have the lure of the mysterious 😉

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