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3D Animations

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3D Character Design

You can count on us in every step: Sketch, Concept Art, 3D Modeling, Surfacing, Rig, Render, and Animation. We support a wide range of art styles from stylized to hyper-realistic. Whether it’s a AAA game character or a 3D animation character, we’ve got you covered!

3D Environment Design

Low-poly 3D environments for games or high-poly 3D environments for animations, Pixune can handle it for you. We’ve got 3D artists in our team that have majored in architecture, so rest assured your 3D environments are gonna look phenomenal!

3D Game Art

Whatever your game engine is, Unity or Unreal, Pixune can design game-ready optimized 3D assets that run smoothly on your target devices. Also, we have a game developer in our team that supervises the technical aspect of the assets we produce.


We have developed a pipeline for producing 3D NFT projects that allows us to support a variety of art styles, produce as many variations as you need, deliver high-quality renders and minimize the time as much as possible.

3D Metaverse

Are you creating a 3D Metaverse? Oh my God, we love it! Just message us right now and let’s talk about it. Our professional 3D artists can supply you with any optimized assets you need from environments to props and characters.

3D Product Rendering

Our 3D artists can bring your product to the world of 3D and make it look real yet. Just look at the above picture, can you tell which one is the 3D object in this image? Exactly! That’s how good we are in hyper-realistic 3D product rendering.

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