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Meet Some of Our NFT Avatars

Our NFT character design artists will create best-selling NFT collections for you with avatars that people love!

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Is This NFT Thing For Real?

Hell yeah.

In April 2021, $64m was invested in NFTs. In September that rose to $774m. There’s no time to mess around. Create your NFT art assets today with our industry-leading expert NFT Crypto art services.

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Why We're Your Best Bet

You Gotta Be Eye-Catching.

The early famous NFT collections may make you think you don’t need beautiful art. But that was all about early advantage. Now it’s all changed and you need the value of exceptional NFT art. Exceptional NFT art is our thing.

This Is A Game Of Speed.

Those in the NFT game know that there is no time for delay. The market is fast and hungry and constantly changing. We assign several professional NFT artists to your project to deliver your NFT collection faster than anyone else!


With no time to waste, you need to work with an NFT design studio that makes things happen on time. We take punctuality seriously and you’ll have your collection wrapped up and ready on the precise date promised! 

We Know What's Up.

We don’t only design NFT Crypto art for clients. We’re in the game too and are NFT publishers and investors. We research the market 24/7 and are on top of every trend. With us you gain the invaluable advantage of our experience and knowledge.

How It All Works


We’ll design 2-5 different sketches where you'll see all the traits, sizes, positions and styles. You'll choose the one you like most and requested revisions are more than welcome.

Final Concept Art

The chosen sketch will be painted in your required art style, which will be our blueprint for the project. This is how your avatars will look like - the character base with all the traits in the correct position and size.

Variation Sketches

Our NFT artists will create and present to you a sketch for each variation of your character.

Variation Painting

All variations will be painted once the variation sketches have been approved by you.

Final Output

We’ll deliver the final designs in a PSD file that contains the character base and all the traits in the right place and size. You can use this PSD file to generate as many avatars as you want.

Don't Get Left behind. This Is Your Moment.

If you invested $1000 in Bitcoin in 2010, your investment would have grown to around $287,500,000 by now! That’s a lot of Bugatti Veyrons. If you missed the opportunity then this is your next chance to get it right!

In only 4 years the NFT market has grown from $30M to $710M! Can you imagine where the NFT market will be in the next 4 years? And where would you be in 4 years if you invest in NFT market right now?

Our Packages

Each package contains a character base and several traits like background, eye, mouth, hats, glasses, etc. For each trait, we’ll design several variations. The number of variations per each trait can be specified by you.

*We accept payment in Cryptocurrency as well.


$ 4900 2 Weeks
  • 2 Sketches
  • 1 Character Base
  • 50 Variations
  • Suitalbe for 2.5K Unique Avatars


$ 7900 4 Weeks
  • 3 Sketches
  • 1 Character Base
  • 100 Variations
  • Eye-Catching Feature Art
  • Suitalbe for 5K Unique Avatars
25% Off


$ 12900 8 Weeks
  • 5 Sketches
  • 1 Character Base
  • 200 Variations
  • Eye-Catching Feature Art
  • 2 Extra Feature Arts
  • 15-Second Promo Animation
  • Suitalbe for 10K Unique Avatars
40% Off

Want A Custom Package?

You got it! You can have your own customised number of character bases, traits, and variations in your ideal time. Get in touch and let us know your requirements and we’ll be happy to quote!


We’re sure you’ve got many questions and we’re here to give you many answers! If you have a question that isn’t covered below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Ok Cool, Maybe Later.

Later? The time to strike is now! If you’re not convinced yet, check out some of these stats…the numbers speak for themselves!

$2 Billion: the total value of NFT sales in the first quarter of 2021 (compared to $250m in 2020)

In 2021, each month there are approximately 40,000 unique NFT buyers

$176m was spent on NFTs in the first week of May 2021

Although NFTs can include videos, gifs, tweets etc, the highest price fetched ($69.3m) for an NFT was an illustrated artwork

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