All the characters are rigged and animated in Unity3D. In this game three girls and two boys want to escape from school.



Soshiant is a lovely chubby and kind boy who loves burger and cookie. On the other hand, he doesn’t like his teachers and school.


Oscar used to bully others, but he changed his behavior and uses his power to help Soshiant to take care of him and escape from school.


It’s generally assumed that glasses make students appear studious but Kelly is a pretty and lazy girl.


Kimberly is a pretty girl who is in fashion with purple hair color. She is one of the students who started and also encouraged others to escape from school


She is pretty, smart, talented, friendly, studious, and seems almost superhuman but she likes to escape from school. So what is wrong with her? Maybe It’s love …


User interface (UI) design and also programming of this game have been done by Pixune.

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