Player’s Cars

Enemies’ Cars

Weapons & Bullets

UI Design

Paycars is a shoot em up game for car and weapon lovers who are patient enough to lose the game several times. Most of the claasic games are usually viewed from a top-down but Paycars is one of the unique side-scrolling game made by Pixune.


Game Features:

  • Four cars: Each car has its own advantages like having a powerful engine, having a reputation for speed and having combination of powerful engine and high speed.
  • Four weapons: Metal Storm Gun, Bomber Weapon, Laser Weapon and Guided Missile
  • 10 stages: each stage has 5 Waves
  • Many different enemies to blow up and enjoy!
  • Fantastic Game Graphic
  • Five Power-Ups: You can buy power-ups to usewhen the game becomes really
  • Automatic shooting
  • Two Game Modes: Endless Mode and Level Mode

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