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GINE 6ix9ine

3D NFT Art Collection

About The Collection

When 6ix9ine decided to create his new NFT collection, he trusted Pixune for its art.

It was an exciting challenge and journey because while the art style of the project was 3D Hyper Realistic and the customer needed about 200 traits and 17 legendary NFTs, we only had 2.5 months.

When you work with a celebrity, you have to be the best and the fastest! We succeeded in delivering this project with more traits, higher quality and exactly in the promised time.

The generation of this project was also done by Pixune with the help of our exclusive software and algorithm.

Collection Specifications

Collection Size: 6969

Traits: 290

Art Style: Hyper-Realistic 3D

Legendaries: 17

Production Duration: 2.5 months

Generated by Pixune

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