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sell nfts in a bear market

NFT market in 2022: sell NFTs in a bear market

During the March and August 2021 rush, you could almost sell any NFTs. Even until early 2022, selling NFTs was much easier than now, but that period is over; ever since thousands of people have

You Don’t Have to Be an Artist to Create Amazing Storyboards

In this post, we’re going to discuss storyboards and more specifically, animation storyboards. We will also discuss how you can create storyboards for your animations even if you have virtually no drawing skills at all.
pixune game background art

All You Need to Know About Game Background Design

Have you ever paused a game just so you can take a moment to appreciate the beauty of its landscapes and take in the sights? If yes, then you know the value of a good

How to Write GDD: First Great Step to Success + Template

Here is why you shouldn't start any game project without a solid Game Design Document.

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