Butcher Goes Vegan - Casual Game Typography
Butcher Goes Vegan - Casual Game Typography


We have designed art of more than 30 games (commonly mobile ones).

Fortunately, 4 games received awards; here we consider Game Art Design as our number one strong point.  

You can assign us the whole game art including Character, Environment, UI, Animation, Weapons, Vehicles and so on.  

As Game Developers, our arts have been optimized for your Game Engine (especially Unity)


We are honored with 8 international awards in our portfolio.

Our experiences on producing 5 long time series, 2 cinematic films, 2 game arts, and 11 short animations in fields such as advertising, education, festival and so on are strong reasons for you to believe in the quality offered by Pixune.

You can count on Pixune from A to Z about Storyboard, Concept Art, 3D Modelling, Rig & Animation, Rendering & Lighting, Directing and many different services.

In addition to superior quality, we offer cheaper and fair prices in comparison with most European and American competitors.