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An Award Winning Studio

Awards of Pixune 3D Animation Studio

An Award Winning Studio

Awards of Pixune 3D Animation Studio


Designing the art of over 30 games has provided us with rich experience and confidence to tackle any challenge regarding Game Art Design, especially for the smartphone platform which comprised most of our work.

We are honored to say that 4 of our game art projects yielded multiple awards while many others earned recognition and favorable reviews for our clients.

With a well-rounded art team, we take on the art design for the whole game, including but not limited to Character, Environment, UI, Animation, Weapons, Vehicles, etc.

Our game developers will make sure that the produced arts are optimized for your game engine, with Unity as our forte.


Our portfolio on producing 3D Animations include 5 feature-length series, 2 cinematic films, 2 game art projects, and 11 short animations for purposes such as advertising, education, or taking part in festivals.

8 of these projects have brought back international awards which we believe speak volumes about the quality you can expect from Pixune.

From the design stage to post-production, our team will be in close touch with you every step of the way. We are proud to provide you with outstanding work from start to finish. Creating Storyboards, Concept Art, 3D Modelling, Rig & Animation, Rendering & Lighting, Directing are all among our various expertise in the field.


If our quality work is not enough for you to trust your project with Pixune, our competitive prices unmatched by any other European or American studios should seal the deal!


Following our policy to be an all-round studio, our game production team has worked on multiple genres such as Runner, Shooter, Strategy, Casual.

Currently, we have focused on developing educational games and games targeted for the younger audience, especially on the smartphone platform.

Our go-to tool for developing client-side is Unity and we have developed over 15 games with it so far. Server-side development is quite flexible; We usually go for PlayFab, SmartFox, or Photon. However, if the needs of the project demand it, NodeJS, PHP, and C# can be employed to address those special needs.

In the rather short time since its inception, Pixune studio has earned 4 awards for Game Design & Development.


Over 2000 characters have been designed by Pixune in a diverse set of styles including Fantasy, Cartoonish, Realistic, Pixel Art, and more.

These characters have been used for a variety of purposes such as games, animations, websites, advertising, storybooks, or even as brand mascots.


Here pixels get tuned!

Pixune is a Game Studio and a 3D Animation Studio combined.

Since the relatively short amount of time from our inception, we have completed 30 games and 18 animations projects, and 12 of those have won awards.

Over 35 satisfied clients would heartily recommend us and believe they have a hassle-free collaboration with Pixune. But don’t take our word for it, Just ask any of our satisfied clients!

Everyone at our studio shares the love and passion for games and animations. We constantly update our professional knowledge and follow the latest trends in our field of work.

We would love to hear about your projects, just drop us an email or give us a call! We provide initial consultations free of charge.

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Ahmed Khezam

This is one of the best teams to work with. Top-quality work, very skilled team, very professional and excellent communication. Fantastic guys keep up the good work!!!

Arabic Unlocked
Mario Izquierdo

Concept art and design of main characters for our new indie game. Pixune helped us to find the style across many iterations, exploring different ideas and providing examples. In order to achieve the desired results for 2 good characters and original art style, they made more than 40 rough sketches with ideas for the characters and their interactions, more than 10 color variations, designs for props in 8 different styles, 3 iterations on sketches for the game map and a section in color for better context. We even changed visual styles completely, from fantasy-cheerful to neon-scifi. They were able to push through changing specifications and keep iterating until we found the perfect characters and style for our game. The end result is beautiful and worth the wait!

Mario Izquierdo
Indie Game Development Team
Jennifer Williams

Pixune was very communicative throughout our project. They asked a lot of good questions and produced great work.

Cuddle Clones
Game Story Logo

They do really good work, they really did an amazing art and even after the artist finished they weren’t happy with it so they did it all over again from scratch. I really recommend Pixune and will sure come back again. (this is already the second time)

Game Story
Indie Game Development Team
Robin Mobile Logo

We needed some character illustrations for our website and Pixune's portfolio exactly matched. They send us a sample of the drawing and it's look very good. We send them a list with explanations and spoke about a deadline. Everything was very clear and Pixune delivered on time. With a couple modifications we ended this job and are very delighted with the images. Keep up the good work and we will ask you to make more images for the next project.

Robin Mobile
Talal Al Ali

I had a great time working with Pixune on this project. The quality of the designs they provided are really excellent and done in within the time frame and budget. The best thing is that they take an actual interest on the project, and encourage you more, and they always suggest better ways to improve it and I always find myself opting for their ideas. I wish all the best for Pixune and I hope we can work together again.

Talal Al-Ali
Game Designer
John G

Awesome work. Great communication. Was really happy with Pixune and how great this project came out. Hit every deadline, and even when we needed to change directions a bit, they were able to still hit the deadline. We will certainly be working with Pixune again.


Great to work with. Quick turnaround and went beyond expectations. They took the time to understand my needs. Very satisfied.

Write and Animator
Elad Cohen

We're very happy with Pixune Group Art work for a new game we are developing , their illustrations are above expectations, we'll definitely use their services again, besides being professional in their work all the process was with an account manager which definitely made the process easier and smoother for us.

Indie Game Development Team
Umbrella Creative Logo

Pixune was great to work with an listened and co-operated with us to achieve a great result that the client loves.

Umbrella Creative
Boaz Cohen

Our project of character design was completed and required high production standard in minimum time.. The results I received were in the highest standards, and the work was very professional. Highly recommended!

Boaz Cohen
Indie Game Development Team

Amazing work - thank you so much!

Click Minded
Malky Herman

I've worked with many illustrators and I've never had such an amazing experience! The results far exceeded my expectations, communication was great, and very flexible and willing to please. I'll definitely use them again for more projects!

Malky Herman


Lower costs do not mean low quality. To make sure just take a look at our portfolio. Generally, product costs is lower in Poland although we are able to offer an equal quality in comparison with our European and American competitors. We have tried to optimize our pipeline in a way to keep both quality and lower costs.


After 7 years of being a part of remote teams, our remote communication with our clients has improved in such a way that they feel that we are sitting with them in their company!


Pixune is a Full Service House company which offers different types of services you may need. So, for your project, you will only need to be in contacted with one company.

Let’s start a project together!

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Let's Start A Project Together!

Let’s start a project together!

Message us and receive a quote in 24 hours