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Pixune Studios

3D Animation | Game Art | NFT Design


Pixune Studios

3D Animation | Game Art | NFT Design


3D Animation

+150 short animations, 5 series, and 2 game art projects, and also our 8 international awards can speak volumes about the quality you can expect from us.

Our team will stand shoulder to shoulder with you during the process of Storyboards, Concept Art, 3D Modeling, Animation, Rendering, Lighting, and Directing, among our various areas of expertise in the field.

Game Art

Our confidence results from our experience designing over 30 games and tackling any challenges regarding Game Art Design.

With our well-rounded art team, we take on the art design for the whole game, including Characters, Environments, UI, Animations, Weapons, Vehicles, etc.

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NFT Design

Pixune delivers your 2D / 3D collection in any style, wrapped up and ready on the promised date, even faster than others!

We are not just NFT artists but also NFT investors and traders who research and monitor the market 24/7.

Our Story

After 12+ years of working in the game and animation industry, me (Mohammad) and my brother (Mehdi) decided it was time to run our studio. But we had nothing except 2 laptops and a dream that kept us awake at night.

Success Stories

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