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Difficult Decision

One day my brother and I made the difficult decision to step out of our comfort zone and set up Pixune. We both had worked in different studios for many years, from graphic designer to animator and game designer, and it was time to start our studio. We were very excited about this decision because Mehdi and I love each other, and this was the first time we were starting a business together.


We both had started businesses several times before, and honestly, none of them had a happy ending. Past defeats made us a little skeptical about the start of Pixune, but this time we tried to learn from our mistakes like Pixune would be our last shot: A business that will last forever. It was also the first business we started together, and we hoped the magic of our brotherhood would lead us towards a different outcome.

Old Friends

In the beginning, we reached out to our old colleagues that we had worked with for years: The professional artists that were the best in their works and had a similar culture to ours. We wanted to do something different from the studios we worked in with new energy and ideas. After all, doing everything with a friend is more fun!

The Real Treasure

Past mistakes have taught us that you are the fundamental part of our business, and as a service-based company, we need to focus on your needs and put them ahead of our own. You are the one true boss in Pixune!


This time it worked! Pixune became successful. To date, we have won several international awards for our games and animations. But our great honor is to have loyal and satisfied customers from all over the world of solo indie game developers and small family businesses to companies of several hundred people.

This Is Not The End

But this is not the end of our story. We still have many big dreams in mind that keep us awake at night. There are still so many battles to be fought. What motivates us the most is working on big projects like designing the arts of a big AAA game or producing a 3D movie or series that wins international awards. If you have one of these projects, know that some motivated artists here are eager to work with you.

What's Your Story?

I'm sure you have a story to tell. We are all ears and waiting to hear your story and if you want, be a part of it.

Meet The Managers

Meet the team that will work their magic on your projects


The Big Boss


Yes, you! You, our dear customer, are the boss in Pixune. Without you, loyal customers, Pixune would not exist. Let me tell you a little about yourself. You are probably 20 to 40 years old and own a business or hold a top position in a company. The least we know about your interests is that you are probably interested in technology, management, books, games, and animation. But none of this changes anything for us. We love you and consider you our leader, regardless of your age, race, color, religion, social or financial status!

Mehdi Goodarzi

Founder, CEO, Head of Production Department

Mehdi Goodarzi

There are two things I envy about Mehdi. One is that he knows well how to communicate with people, become friends, and keep them friends, and the second is his intelligence. He is a natural leader. When he enters a group or a business, he takes on responsibilities and leads others. Mehdi started designing at our father's design agency at the age of 15, and from the first day, he showed that he was in a different league! I don't say this because he is my brother, he is a great designer! Mehdi loves Iron Man and is a skilled poker player. I do not recommend playing high stakes with him (although I have failed many times: D)

Mohammad Goodarzi

Co-Founder, Head of Marketing Department

Mohammad Goodarzi

This is me! The first thing I can say about myself is that I love pizza! I love gaming after that. My favorite game is Far Cry 5, and my favorite series is The Office. If we have common interests, you are a Unicorn, and if you do not even want to work with us, please text me and become my friend 😀 I have done almost everything about games: game-art design and animation, programming, game design, and game development team management. After a while, I became interested in marketing. I worked as a salesman, marketer, and copywriter for a few years. That's why I'm at your service today as the marketing manager of the Pixune team.

Masoud Lak


Masoud Lak

Masoud is one of the businessmen who also loves art and animation. Masoud's biggest dream is winning an Oscar or an international award like Golden Globe for an animation movie we've made (He does not put pressure on us in this regard at all, not at all!). We are all artists and geeks, and we are not very familiar with financial and legal issues, and Masoud covers us here. Masoud is a vegetarian and a spiritualist, and a caring friend. We have been working with Masoud for many years, and our old friendship is the foundation of this fruitful collaboration today.

Meysam Keshavarz

3D Art Director & Project Manager

Meysam Keshavarz

Meysam reminds me of these cool, handsome, and trimmed hitmen in movies that look more like businessmen. They are always in the right place at the right time, take out their shiny sniper rifle, get the job done neat and without errors, and then send a short message to the customer: done! Meysam is a professional, and I love the way he works. He takes the project's information, makes a detailed and accurate brief, and gives it to the artists. He constantly reports on the project process and creates written and visual documentation for everything. When Meysam is the project manager, you can rest assured that everything will go well.

Reza Yousef Doost

Account Manager

Reza Yousef Doost

Our clients love Reza. Many customers asked for Reza to be their account manager for their next project after their first project. Reza has a warm and social personality. It does not matter what your interests are and what culture and country you've come from, Reza will find a way to become friends with you and gain your trust. Reza fights tirelessly for you in a way that sometimes we feel he is not a member of our team, but a client's representative sent to oversee our work. : D Reza loves history, Batman, anime, Japan, and Japanese culture. He looks like the Japanese to some extent. Reza is one of them who knows something about everything. Reza is our Wikipedia



Game Character Design & Animation
Game Environment Design
Game Prop Design (Vehicles, Weapons, Bullets and etc.)
Game UI / UX Design
Game Concept Art


3D Character Design
3D Modeling & Texturing
3D Rig & Animation
3D Environment Design
3D Lighting & Rendering
3D Product Rendering


2D & 3D
Characters, Objects
Stylized, Realistic, Pixel Art
NFT Promo Animation
NFT Consultation
NFT Avatar Generation

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