Our story is simple:

  1. We are a group of mangers and employees who one day decided to leave our comfort zone and create Pixune
  2. Each of us are the most qualified person in our respective fields and have the experience of working in the most prestigious companies.
  3. Past mistakes has taught us that the most important part of our business is you and your satisfaction.
Pixune Loves You

Who are we?

Pixune is a full-service creative studio working with companies and individuals worldwide. An integrated, collaborative team of Game Artists, Character Designers, Digital Artists and Graphic Designers.

What we do?

We are specialized in Game Art, Character Design, Illustration and Digital Painting. In general, we are experts in visual arts.


Game art

designing whatever your mobile phone games, desktop or game console for visual arts needs. Character design and background design, Game User Interface, 3D & 2D Game Assets and etc.


Character Design

Designing fantasy and childlike, real, surreal characters for animation movies, games, books, comics and mascots in different style styles. Pixune has designed up to 2000 characters.


Digital Art

You may need art works or conceptual arts of environments and personalities for your game, movie or novel. Pixune can execute your idea as great as it is.


Game Arts


Games Developed


Game UI Designs


Characters Designed


Minutes Animation


Logo Designs


Brochures Designed


Corporate Identities

We pride ourselves in two things:

Our customers

the people who entrusted their hard-earned money so that we turn their ideas into reality.


Our colleagues

being young, energetic and creative, our colleagues update themselves about their respective fields by reading up related articles and following up with. Their work hasn’t been turned into a daily routine for them and each project is like their first.


Game Art

Game UI / UX Design

Game Character Design

Game Character Animation

Game Background & Environment Design

Game Tile Art Design

Game Assets (Vehicles, Weapons, Bullets and etc.)

Pixel Art

Splash Screen Design

Game Comic Strip Design

Character Design

Character Design for Games, Animations, Novels, Children Books and etc.

Brand Mascot Design

Fantasy Character Design

Kids Character Design

Realistic Character Design

Su-real Character Design

Digital Art

Concept Art

Digital Painting



Portrait Design

Caricature Design

Graphic Design

Logo Design

Business Card Design

Brochure Design

Corporate Identity Design

App UI / UX Design

Packaging Design

Poster Design

Magazine & Book Design

What’s your story?

Contact us and let us know in which part of your story we can play a part.

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