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Origin: One day my brother and I decided to venture out of our safe zone and established Pixune along with the Artists, Developers and professional Managers who were working with us for years.


Team: All of our team members are among the most qualified professionals in their respective fields, with a background of working in the most prestigious companies.


Goal: We strive to achieve clients’ absolute satisfaction, as past mistakes have taught us that you are Pixune’s most important asset!

What is Pixune?

Pixune is a Game Studio and a 3D Animation Studio combined.

Game Production: We offer inclusive services, from Client & Server side development to designing gameplay mechanics, we got you covered.

3D Animation: Just tell us what you want, then sit back and relax while our talented team take on every aspect of production to fine-tuning. Story development, designing Storyboard and Concept Art, 3D Modelling, Rig and Animation, etc. We do it all!

While we employ a professional workforce from all over the world, Pixune’s headquarter is situated in Poland.

Who are our clients?

Small and medium-sized enterprises or self-employed individuals interested in producing a game or animation.


reasons previous clients have trusted us for


Highly competitive prices without sacrificing superior quality


Increased revenue facilitated by our fair prices. You may easily triple your investment or more! Why not turn that sitting $50k to $200k worth of product revenue?


A high percentage of the total body of works has won multiple awards


We are highly flexible and have experience working on a broad spectrum of projects; with children and educational projects as our forte


Hassle-free interactions with clients. Our studio is not burdened with complicated bureaucracies!


During our long experience with working remotely with our clients we have optimized communications to perfection. You will feel as if we are sitting there working in your office!


We live and breathe games and animations! We firmly believe in the saying:
“Do it with passion, or don’t do it at all”



Game UI / UX Design
Game Character Design
Game Character Animation
Game Background & Environment Design
Game Object Design (Vehicles, Weapons, Bullets and etc.)
Game Concept Art
Game Tile Art Design
Pixel Art


3D Animation Movies & Series
3D Animation Commercial & Explainer Video
3D Product
Story and Copywriting
Storyboard and Storyreel
Concept Art
3D Model & Texture
Rig & Animate
Light & Rendering


Game Design
Unity Game Development
Server-side game development
PlayFab, Photon, SmartFox and ...
NodeJS, PHP, C#
Test & Debug
Improve KPIs


Character Design for Games, Animations, Novels, Children Books and etc.
Brand Mascot Design
Fantasy Character Design
Children’s Character Design
Realistic Character Design
Su-real Character Design


Meet the team that will work their magic on your projects!

Mehdi Goodarzi - Founder

Mehdi Goodarzi

Founder & CEO

Mohammad Goodarzi - Co-Founder

Mohammad Goodarzi

Co-Founder And Marketing LEAD

Masoud Lak - President

Masoud Lak


Mehdi Rezaee - Project Manager

Mahdi Rezaee

3D Project Manager

Dr Bayat Sarmadi

Mohammad Reza Bayat Sarmadi

Strategic Director

Sadegh Mahdavi - Lead Render Artist

Sadegh Mahdavi

Lead Render Artist

Reza Arjangi - Art Director

Reza Arjangi

Art Director

Mojtaba Moazemi - Lead Rigger & Animator

Mojtaba Moazami

Lead Rigger & Animator

Moein Mansoori Fard - Senior Writer & Director

Moein Mansoori Fard

Senior Writer & Director

Amin Mansoori Fard - Lead 3D Modeller

Amin Mansoori Fard

Lead 3D Modeller

Shahram Dinarvand

Senior 3d Modeling & Texture Artist

Erfan Malek Hosseini - Concept Artist

Erfan Malek Hosseini

Lead Concept Artist

Iman Kordlou - Lead Unity Developer

Iman Kordlou

Lead Developer

Mohammad Ali Yaghmaee - Senior Unity Developer

Mohammad Ali Yaghmaee

Senior Unity Developer

Milad Karimi

Milad Karimi

Senior 2D Artist & Animator

Arian Haj Mohammadi

Arian Haj Mohammadi

Senior Game Designer

Reza Yousef Doost

Reza Yousef Doost

Account Manager

Daniel Bertrand Jeantou

Salesman and Marketer

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Let’s start a project together!

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