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We Believe in Art and Quality

Beautiful art, especially digital art, mesmerizes us. When we see a masterpiece animation or game, It arises feelings that we can’t describe. We want to be the ones who create them. And we are looking for clients who think alike and share the same passion. So If you are one of us, please don’t hesitate to drop a line.

Our Story

The Time Has Come

After 12+ years of working in the game and animation industry, me (Mohammad) and my brother (Mehdi) decided it was time to run our studio. But we had nothing except 2 laptops and a dream that kept us awake at night.

Fear of Failure

We both had our businesses before and frankly, all of them failed. So the idea of starting another one was frightening and exciting at the same time. But this time, there was something different; because we were founding a studio together for the first time.

They Abandoned Us

We didn't have much money to start with (I remember we had to borrow money to pay our artists when we got our first project) and the friends who were supposed to run this studio with, panicked and backed off. They were supposed to manage important parts of the studio and without them, we were in even more trouble.

The Magic of Brotherhood

We were terrified as hell! But our belief in our brotherhood and our ultimate dream motivated us to move forward nonetheless. We had no other choice but to fight for it. We knew that was our last shot. It had to work or we wouldn't be able to start another business anymore.

After 4 Years...

Pixune has won 8 awards, worked for world-class companies, talented people, and even celebrities around the world, and has 20 employees. Those difficult days are behind us and the only thing on the horizon for us is to keep making amazing animations and games.

We Salute You!

This could not happen without you. We want to take this opportunity to thank our amazing clients who supported, trusted, and believed in us. You made our dream come true, now it's our turn to make your dreams come true.

What's Your Story?

We all have stories to share, and as lovers of anecdotes, we would love to hear about your journeys; so let us traverse through your told endeavors together!

Meet The Managers

Meet the team that will work their magic on your projects


The Big Boss


Customer is king! Without you, Pixune would not exist.

Our clients are the most excellent and talented people we’ve ever seen; we proudly pour our hearts into their projects. Some of them are not merely our clients anymore; they’ve become friends and family.

Mehdi Goodarzi

Founder, CEO, Head of Production Department

Mehdi Goodarzi

There are two things I envy about Mehdi: One is that he inherently knows how to communicate with people and make friends, and the second is his intelligence.

Mehdi learned the ropes of designing at our father’s design agency at the age of 15. Since then, he has shown his talent and passion for art and graphic design.

He is a skilled poker & candy crush player and a big fan of Iron man.

Mohammad Goodarzi

Co-Founder, Head of Marketing

Mohammad Goodarzi

This is me! I’m a gamer and a pizza lover. My favorite game is Far Cry 5, and I’m a huge fan of The Office.

I started my journey in the art and animation world with Adobe Flash (rest in peace, bro). I used to work in almost every area of game production, from art and animation to game design and development.

Now I use that experience to understand and serve our clients’ needs.

Masoud Lak


Masoud Lak

Masoud is a businessman with art and animation interests. His biggest dream for us is to win an Oscar (He does not pressure us at all, not at all!).

We are all geeks, unfamiliar with financial and legal issues, so Masoud covers us there.

Masoud is a vegetarian, spiritualist, and caring friend. We have been working with him for many years, and our old friendship is the foundation of this fruitful collaboration today.

Ashkan Mohammad Poor

Head of 3D Services, Art Director

Ashkan Mohammad Poor

Ashkan is a real problem solver and disciplinarian in our team. A reader by night who always wants to reach the best self-development.

He’s a game artist with extensive technical knowledge of designing 3D game art. His artistic vision and technical background have made him an amazing art director and head of 3D services in Pixune.

He’s a huge fan of WOW and One Piece and deeply admires the art style of Arcane.

Hossein Shojaee

Lead 2D Artist

Hossein Shojaee

Hossein is a kind, sensitive, and detail-oriented 2D artist from an artistic family; this is why art is a part of his existence.

Even though he had a hard life and wanted to become a commando, he has a heart of glass.

Hossein will finish his duties if the world ends! He has a wide range of interests, but most importantly, he is a Bleach fan.

Meysam Keshavarz

3D Art Director & Project Manager

Meysam Keshavarz

Meysam reminds me of those handsome movie hitmen who always arrive on time, take out their shiny sniper, get the job done neatly, and message the client: done!

He professionally manages projects in the cleanest and most efficient way.

Meysam started as a 3D modeler and animator 21 years ago, worked on many honorable projects, and paved his path to art direction and project management.

Reza Yousef Doost

Account Manager

Reza Yousef Doost

Reza has a warm and social personality. It doesn’t matter what your interests are and what culture you are from, Reza will find a way to become friends with you.

Reza fights tirelessly for you in a way that sometimes we feel he is not a member of our team, but a client's representative sent to oversee our work! 😀

He loves history, anime, Batman, Japan, and Japanese culture (He looks Japanese to some extent). Reza is one of them who knows something about everything to the point we call him Wikipedia.



Game Character Design & Animation
Game Environment Design
Game Prop Design (Vehicles, Weapons, Bullets and etc.)
Game UI / UX Design
Game Concept Art


3D Character Design
3D Modeling & Texturing
3D Rig & Animation
3D Environment Design
3D Lighting & Rendering
3D Product Rendering


2D & 3D
Characters, Objects
Stylized, Realistic, Pixel Art
NFT Promo Animation
NFT Consultation
NFT Avatar Generation

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