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2D Animation Pipeline – Complete Production Process

Animation has come a long way since the early days of hand-drawn cartoons. Whether it’s a short film or a full-length feature, creating a 2D animation takes a lot of

Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose: Principles and Techniques

There are two main approaches to animation based on the 12 Principles of animation. The first is straight-ahead action since the animator will work straight ahead from his/her first drawing
Game Art Outsourcing Price

A Guide to 2D Art & 3D Art Outsourcing Costs and Value

Outsourcing game art can provide great value for game studios looking to fill talent gaps or manage costs. However, figuring out realistic pricing for outsourced 2D and 3D art can
the power of anticipation

The Power of Anticipation: Building Tension and Suspense

While watching an animated scene, viewers won’t be able to understand the events on the screen unless there is a planned sequence of actions that leads them clearly from one

Squash and Stretch: The Magic of Bounce and Elasticity

Squash and stretch is a fundamental technique used by animators to exaggerate movement and impressions of characters or objects. Though pioneered in the 1930s by Disney studios, it still remains

How 2D VFX is Used in 3D Animations

You might entitle the word VFX to a 3D visual effect like explosions, fire, smoke, tornado, etc., but there are many instances of mixing and drawing 2D VFXs that lead

Impact of Psychology on Different Stages of Animation Production Pipeline

Psychology studies behavior and mental processes, how a subject may react or process an emotional event regardless of whether the subject is a human or animal. It does have many
Realistic vs. Stylized Game Art Style

The Art of Pixels – Realistic vs. Stylized Art Style in Games

The debate between realism and stylization has raged across gaming history, with both art styles profoundly impacting countless classic titles. Realism aims to recreate the real world in meticulous visual

Layout in 3D Animation and its Role In Production Pipeline

The first stage of producing a 3D animation after its pre-production steps is Layout. This is the first stage in the 3D animation pipeline, which starts to distance itself from

Breaking Down Color Correction in 4 Key Steps

Color Correction is one of the primary components of the post-production stage while creating an animation, adjusting the colors of each shot to increase the impact of the animation and
Animation Outsourcing

Animation Outsourcing – How to Get More with Less

When a company requires experience or knowledge that it does not have in-house, it often turns to outsourcing to fix its problems. You don’t have to outsource your project entirely,

3D Rendering: The Science and Techniques Behind Animations

Have you ever wondered how a scene of animation you watch on screen has been captured? Well, you are in for a treat, as we will discuss everything you need

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