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3D Animation Studio

Our 3D animation studio gives you more than just HIGH-QUALITY 3D animation services; what we give you is a combination of artistic and technical skills.

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Pixune's 3D Animation Portfolio

Tak Steak
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3D Commercial Animation
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3D Game Trailer
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3D Feature Film
War short 3D animation
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Award-Winning 3D Short Film
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Kid’s Animation
Aquarium Land
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Kind Words from Our Clients

Paul Saada


It has now been a few months that we have been working with Pixune Studios and the quality they deliver is truly impressive. From the start, they have been understanding our vision and providing 3D animations that were above our expectations. We are already engaging ourselves in a long term partnership.

Paul Saada
Growth Marketing Manager
Homa Games
Naip Unal


Design quality and animation work were very good for character briefs and every feedback was taken into consideration. As a result, high quality design was received within a defined time frame, and Pixune was very responsive in terms of delivering our needs. They have taken everything into consideration to reflect our needs and delivered a successful project In a defined timeframe. They are very customer-oriented and try to help your activities as much as possible. Instead of taking money and running, they are like teammates for us.

Naip Ünal
MSc, Product Manager
No Surrender
Grace Briggs


Pixune Studios went above and beyond to ensure that the 3D animation required for my project was completed by the deadline and within the budget that was allotted. I truly appreciated their hard work and dedication to their clients– often working very late into their evening so that every detail and point of feedback was addressed in time. The quality of animation was impeccable, and I can definitely say that I trust their expertise when it comes to 3D work. They made sure to provide consistent communication and provide updates along the way, which made it much easier to trust them and their process. I highly recommend Pixune Studios to anyone looking for 3D design support!

Grace Briggs
Creative Director & Senior Producer
Amit Seyani


During the first meeting with Mohammad, I learned a lot about YouTube marketing and the process of creating 3D animation. Although their price was higher than my budget, I decided to collaborate with them because of their quality and communication. I really enjoyed working with Pixune Studios because they were always in touch and ready for meetings and revisions. Since quality is their first priority, even though I was satisfied with the design of the main character of my YouTube animation, they designed it again from scratch at their own expense to make a memorable mascot for my animation. And finally, the result was much better than my expectations, so that we are planning the next project with them.

Amit Seyani
E-commerce Associate
Jared Byrne


We had a character animation that needed to be done for a large project and we were given a short timeline. Pixune and the team worked with our internal team to take one scene. They were prompt, worked within our timeline, and delivered quality work! I was hesitant to hire an outside of our company as we typically handle all animation in house but the timeline was too short for our team to complete. We were presently surprised with the quality and how seamless the workflow was. Would recommend!

Jared Byrne
Production Manager
GO2 Productions
Nikiel D Winstone


I am blown away by the work of Pixune Studios. I really didn't know how I would be able to replicate my daughter's drawing, but Pixune Lak assured me that they could make Laci become a reality. I have had a ton of experiences when it comes to creative art designs, and they didn't turn out well. So, I was even more uneasy when he handed me off to Reza to handle my design. However, Reza and the entire design team were just as supportive and patient with me throughout the entire process, even when I made additional changes. Pixune Studios maintained its integrity by fulfilling the job as agreed and exceeded my expectations. This is only the beginning. Thank you again.

Nikiel D Winston
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Healthy Life Sports Camp
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Christian Hasenkam
Head of Marketing
Arcane Tinmen
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Singer & Performer
Eveta Music Entertainment LLC

Our Clients

Why Our 3D Animation Studio?

3D Animations That Exceed Expectations

Better Than Expectations

Our 3D animation studio takes pride in delivering art that makes clients say “better than expectations.” Our perfect 5-star client reviews and 95% client retention rate demonstrate our commitment to providing 3D animation services that consistently surpass expectations.

Ultra-Responsive Customer Service

Fast Response Rate

Here, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional responsiveness. Your messages will never be ignored even during off-peak times. We commit to responding to all inquiries within around 1 hour during working hours. Our rapid response times result in a smoother process from start to finish. 

Worry-Free Revisions & Changes

We allocate up to 20% of the initial scope for revisions, modifications, and new requests at no additional cost. This means you can provide feedback freely throughout the process, knowing we will incorporate your changes seamlessly without surprise charges. 

Our Technical Capabilities


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How Much Does a 3D Animation Cost Per Minute?

A 1 minute-long 3D animation can cost about $20K to $50K (€19K – €48.5K) or more. Our animation team knows this is a wide range, but it gives you a general idea.
The cost of 3D animation can vary depending on the number of characters and environments, objects, art style, the complexity of animations, etc.
For an accurate price and time estimation on your project, contact us right now and receive a quotation within 24 hours.

Crafting a 1 minute of a 3D animation usually takes between 4-12 weeks. Multiple factors can affect this time span, such as art style, number, the complexity of assets (characters, environments, objects), VFX, quality, budget, etc.
For an accurate time and price estimation on your own project, contact us right now and receive a quotation within 24 hours.

Our entire process of 3D animation production has 9 main steps:

  1. Identifying Your Unique Needs: First, we are dedicated to understanding your unique project requirements, goals, and aspirations.
  2. Script: Our copywriters and scriptwriters will craft awesome scripts for you. Or if you have it already, we transform your own script and idea to mitigate the budget and time.
  3. Storyboard & Animatic: Here, we cover the script with static and unmoving vision as the storyboard. Then, we use the animatic to show you the scene and movement with better details.
  4. Sound: Sound design, voiceovers, music composition, sound editing, and mixing is what is done in this stage.
  5. Concept Art: We start the main production with concept art, which contains sketches, creating model sheets, pose sheets, and facial expression sheets.
  6. 3D Modeling & Texturing: The characters, props, and environments chosen in the previous steps get 3D treatments and 3D textures for a great look.
  7. 3D Rigging & Animating: When the models are rigged, the animators start creating the movements, position, rotation, and even scaling to mimic different poses.
  8. Lighting: 3D animation requires lighting based on the pre-production phase to support the story and convey the mood of a shot for a more realistic look.
  9. Rendering: Finally, each scene is rendered separately into layers, including background, colors, highlights, shadow, objects, etc., to give a 3D look.

There are 4 logical reasons for you to consider outsourcing your project to a 3d animation production house:

  1. Saving Money and Time: Creating a 3D animated video requires specialized talent across many roles, and hiring them in-house has challenges. A professional animation studio houses all the expertise necessary to bring 3D visions to life efficiently, speedily, and cost-effectively.
  2. Creativity: Have you ever considered that you can outsource creativity, too? Apple partnered with Hovey-Kelley for creative ideas when inventing the mouse. Animation studios thrive on imagination and creativity.
  3. Quality: Practice makes perfect. 3D animation houses produce countless animations, constantly honing skills and staying current on industry trends and tools. Their experience enables high-quality 3D animation services delivery without wasted time or budget.
  4. Scalability: Expanding a 3D animation scale requires growing your team. That’s challenging in-house but not for a 3D animation company with access to more artists. 3D animation houses maintain larger talent pools and connections to scale up readily.

Let’s start a project together!

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