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Visualize Your Vision with Our Storyboard Services

Convey the right message in the right way to your audience with our HIGH-Quality storyboard services, from black-and-white to full-color blueprints. Leverage the visual of your film, animation, commercial, trailer, or game idea from start to finish with our full-service storyboard agency.

Storyboard Services

Animation Storyboard

We create a visual guide to help the animators and directors visualize the story plot, plan the composition of shots, and set up the look and feel of the animation. Whether you’re making a short film, commercial, or full series, our expert story artists will visualize your animation from start to finish. Our 3D animation studio plans out your animation project to maximize quality and minimize headaches.

Pixune's Storyboard Portfolio

Animation Storyboard
Animation Storyboard

Pixune's Animatic Portfolio

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Storyboard Illustration CONSULTATION

Our Storyboarding Process

1. Identifying Your Needs
First, we must completely comprehend your needs and plan the path by your criteria and factors. We are dedicated to understanding your unique project requirements, goals, and aspirations.
2. Breaking Down the Narrative
Our team will analyze the story structure to identify key scenes, actions, movements, and transitions. In this stage, we will determine the setting, climax, resolution, rising action, and falling actions to divide them into individual panels.
3. Sketching Rough Thumbnails
Our artists use digital tools to create quick and rough thumbnail sketches for each panel, including composition, staging, expressions, camera angles, character positions, and important visual details. Then, we will organize the panels in sequential order. We will provide you with different rough sketches to rearrange scenes, add or delete beats, and refine pacing and transitions easily.
4. Adding Dialogue and Descriptions
Here, in order to guide the team, we add dialogue, captions, or descriptions for each panel to convey important information and actions that will occur in the scene. We create a static and unmoving vision of the script with complete descriptions and information.
5. Refining the Panels
Now, it’s time to refine the sketches into more detailed ones while focusing on character expressions, poses, and background elements. For more clarification, we add annotations, arrows, and notes about camera movement, timing, special effects, or any other specific instructions.
6. Finalizing the Storyboard
Once we have collected feedback and all revisions are made and approved, a final version of the storyboard is created. This version may involve digitizing the sketches, adding color or digital effects, or compiling the panels into a digital format.
FINALLY, Turn Your Idea into Reality TODAY

Why Our Storyboard Company?

We are perfectionists by nature and can’t even deliver a bad storyboard even if asked to! An ugly art annoys our brains more than you 😀
Several times, a client was happy with a piece of art, but we were not, so we designed it again from scratch at our own expense.

We offer more than just a storyboard. Our team tries hard to translate your idea accurately, ensuring your vision makes it to the screen even better than what you have in your mind. We remove the guesswork to show the storyboard with simple models, scenes, and movements with better details beyond your expectations and align the creative team around your original vision.

We welcome changes and criticism, and we are as flexible as possible when it comes to implementing revisions. However, as professionals, we will express our opinions and provide our advice. Ultimately, the decision-making lies with you.

You will be constantly updated to share your comments, apply any changes to the storyboard, and ensure we are on the right track. An exclusive account manager will be allotted to your project, who will manage our communications. They respond to messages quickly, are always available, on-call, and ready to jump on a meeting with you, even on weekends.

You may have experienced situations where delegating a project has resulted in both time and cost wastage, with a failed outcome. That’s not the case here. We will take full responsibility to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved once and for all.

Success Stories

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Storyboard services prices can be found anywhere from $200 (€190) per minute for simple storyboards to $500 (€480) or more for complex ones.
The cost of storyboard services can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the number of frames, art style, complexity, technical specifications, and time.

You can contact us right now to receive a price estimation of your storyboard today.

Designing a storyboard usually takes between 2 days for a simple one-minute storyboard and 5 days for a more complex storyboard. Multiple factors can affect this time span, such as number of frames, art style, complexity, quality, budget, etc.

You can contact us right now to get a time estimation for your storyboard project today.

There are 3 logical reasons for you to consider outsourcing your Illustration services:

  • Creativity: Have you ever considered that you can outsource creativity, too? There is no need for you to do everything by yourself. Even Apple went after Hovey-Kelley and used their fledgling design firm when they wanted to invent the first computer mouse. Creativity is one of the storyboard company’s strong suits, and our artists have nourished their minds; by hiring us, you also hire creativity as well.
  • Quality: Practice makes perfect! A storyboard agency has made numerous storyboards and is constantly updating its knowledge of the corresponding industry. They keep up with the trends, watch state-of-the-art storyboards, use cutting-edge tools, and can make the highest-quality storyboards, which might cost you and your team more time and budget.
  • Scalability: If you want to create a long-term animation or need several storyboards, you might need a number of artists to work during this process. That is no concerning matter for a storyboard artist agency here because they already have enough artists. Even if they don’t have enough artists right away, they have connections and know artists who can hire right away, so they can produce any storyboard you are going to need. There is also an option that storyboard companies have animators who can create your animation if you want.

There are some criteria for picking the best storyboard agency for your projects:

  1. Portfolio: A company’s expertise is showcased via its storyboard portfolio, and nothing tells better what they are capable of than its past works.
  2. Reviews: Read their reviews online and see what their past clients think of them. The most honest on-hand thing you can find in any company is its online reviews.
  3. Communication: First impressions matter – especially when it comes to communication. If they’re slow to respond or just plain rude from the get-go, imagine how it’ll be once they have your money! Trust your gut and work with people who make you feel good.
  4. Time and Budget Compatibility: After all, you might find the best storyboard studio in the world, but your time schedule and/or money budget do not meet their demands. Find a studio that meets all the previous characteristics as well as your budget and schedule.

Yes, Pixune Studios is an animation studio providing 2D and 3D animation services, and creating animation is one of our areas of expertise. You can check our animation page to see our magic.

Our storyboard agency can provide storyboards in any drawing style, including thumbnail storyboards, animated storyboards, slugging storyboards, vertical storyboards, technical storyboards, style frames, and animatics. You can choose the style based on the needs of the project and how much time can be invested in the storyboarding process.

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