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Casual Mobile Game Art Outsourcing Services

Pixune casual game art services drive your ideas into reality, from 2D to 3D illustrations, character designs, environments, UI/UX, animations, and other visual elements required for the game.

Casual Game Art Services

2D Casual Game Character Design
Casual Game Character

Want a colorful space marine? A cute retro pixel character? An adorable furry monster? We know how to design customizable, rigged 2D and 3D characters that match your game’s art style and vision. Our game artists know the principles of character design, like the anatomy of different characters, the psychology of shapes, colors, etc. Plus, we rig all characters for optimal animation potential.

Pixune's Casual Game Art Portfolio

Casual Game Character
Casual Game Prop
Casual Game Character
Casual Game Prop
Casual Game Environment
Casual Game Prop
Casual Game UI/UX
Casual Game Prop
Casual Game Environment
Casual Game Character
Casual Game UI/UX
Casual Game Environment
Casual Game Character
Casual Game Character
Game Treasure

Pixune's Casual Game Art Design Process

1. Understanding Your Needs
First, we must completely comprehend your needs and plan the path by your criteria and factors. We are committed to understanding your unique project requirements, goals, and aspirations.
2. Sketching
After getting to know what you want for your game, our artists start to draw multiple sketches for characters, environments, and props. You can give feedback and edit those sketches so the process fits your liking.
3. Color Key
In this stage, the sketches will be colored in different combinations to help the artists, and you can select the best color palette that suits the design.
4. Concept Art
A good vision forms the rest of the casual game art around it, and it starts with concept art, which contains sketches, color palettes, paintings, and creating model sheets.
5. Modeling
The characters, props, and environments chosen in the previous steps are modeled in 3D, employing a low-poly approach and considering LODs to balance the visual appeal and performance optimization.
6. Rigging
In the rigging process, the character or anything that needs motion and movement gets rigged with flexible joints and bones, which makes it possible for animators to apply animations later on.
7. Animating
In this stage, our animators create the movements, position, rotation, and even scaling to mimic different poses and give the casual game art the feel of motion.

Why Our Mobile Game Art Outsourcing Studio?

We are perfectionists by nature and can’t even deliver a bad casual game design even if asked to! An ugly art annoys our brains more than you 😀
Several times, a client was happy with a piece of art, but we were not, so we designed it again from scratch at our own expense.

You will be constantly updated to share your comments, apply any changes to the casual game art, and ensure we are on the right track. An exclusive account manager will be allotted to your project, who will manage our communications and respond to messages quickly. They are always available, on-call, and ready to jump on a meeting with you, even on weekends.

We welcome changes and criticism, and we are as flexible as possible when it comes to implementing revisions. However, as professionals, we will express our opinions and provide our advice. Ultimately, the decision-making lies with you.

Casual game art design is not only an art but also a science. Our artists know and follow the required principles, including human anatomy, shape language, color theory, etc.

You may have experienced situations where delegating a project has resulted in both time and cost wastage, with a failed outcome. That’s not the case here. We will take full responsibility to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved once and for all.
We are gamers by nature and know the ins and outs of the game industry by heart and experience. Our common sense here comes into play and helps us have easier and more effective communication.
2D Crazy Clown
Boost Your Installation Rate with Eye-Catching Casual Game Art

Success Stories

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2D Game Vehicle Design
Eye-Popping Casual Game Art to Compete in This Crowded Market


Casual game art services prices can be found anywhere from $5K (€4.8K) for simple 2D games to $30K (€28.5K) or more for complex 3D casual game art. The cost of casual game art services can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as art style, number and complexity of assets (characters, environments, props, animations, UI, etc.), technical specifications, and time.

You can contact us right now to receive a price estimation of your casual game art design today.

Designing a casual game art can take 1 to 3 months, depending on the art style, number of assets (characters, environments, props, etc.), technical matters, and your budget.

You can contact us right now to get a time estimation for your casual game art project today.

There are 4 logical reasons for you to consider outsourcing your casual game art:

  • Saving Money and Time: If you want to make your own casual game art, you are going to need many 2D and 3D artists, such as concept artists, modelers, animators, art directors, etc. You should know the hassle of the hiring process and all the horrendous amount of time and money you are going to need for that. Casual game art studios already have all those resources at their fingertips and can make your casual game art faster and cheaper.
  • Creativity: Have you ever considered that you can outsource creativity, too? There is no need for you to do everything by yourself. Even Apple went after Hovey-Kelley and used their fledgling design firm when they wanted to invent the first computer mouse. Creativity is one of the casual game art studio’s strong suits, and our artists have nourished their minds; by hiring us, you also hire creativity as well.
  • Quality: Practice makes perfect! A casual game art company has made numerous casual game arts and is constantly updating its knowledge of the corresponding industry. They keep up with the trends, watch state-of-the-art casual game art, use cutting-edge tools, and can make the highest-quality casual game art, which might cost you and your team more time and budget.
  • Scalability: if you want to expand your project scale, you should grow your team too. That is no concerning matter for a casual game art outsourcing company because they already have enough artists. Even if they don’t have enough artists right away, they have connections and know artists who can hire right away, so they can produce any casual game art services you are going to need.

There are some criteria for picking the best mobile game art studio for your projects:

  • Portfolio: A company’s expertise is showcased via its casual game art portfolio, and nothing tells better what they are capable of than its past works.
  • Reviews: Read their reviews online and see what their past clients think of them. The most honest on-hand thing you can find in any company is its online reviews.
  • Communication: First impressions matter – especially when it comes to communication. If they’re slow to respond or just plain rude from the get-go, imagine how it’ll be once they have your money! Trust your gut and work with people who make you feel good.
  • Time and Budget Compatibility: After all, you might find the best casual game art studio in the world, but your time schedule and/or money budget do not meet their demands. Find a studio that meets all the previous characteristics as well as your budget and schedule.

Creating awesome casual game art doesn’t always require complex or extraordinary efforts. Considering a few basic points can easily transform your casual game art:

  1. Unique Art Style: A unique casual game art style is a powerful tool to be memorable and increase immersion and differentiation.
  2. Color Palette: Choosing the best color palette can make casual game art visually appealing, set the mood, improve clarity, and differentiate it from competitors.
  3. Memorable Characters: Think about your favorite games; the first thing that comes to mind is their characters, so good casual game art must have unforgettable characters.
  4. Environment Design: After character design, environment design is too important. Memorable environments of the games can make a lasting impression on the mind.
  5. Visual clarity: Visual clarity and attention to detail can improve gameplay, aesthetics, realism, and differentiation.
  6. Animation: The excessive and smooth use of animation makes the casual game art more engaging and understandable. Compared to before, now everything (UI, background, and props) is being animated and shaken up.

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