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NFT design services by top Web3 artists from an award-winning NFT design agency

NFT Art Portfolio

NFT Art Studio Portfolio - 3D Hyper-Realistic 6ix9ine Legendary
NFT Art Studio Portfolio - 3D Hyper-Realistic 6ix9ine
NFT Art Studio Portfolio - 2D Animals
NFT Art Studio Portfolio - 2D Panthers
NFT Art Studio Portfolio - 2D Pigs
NFT Art Studio Portfolio - Doodles Art Style
NFT Art Studio Portfolio - 2D Warriors
NFT Art Studio Portfolio - 2D Full-Body Mages

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Why Our NFT Design Services?

Eye-Catching Arts

The early famous NFT collections may make you think you don’t need beautiful art. But that was all about early advantage. Now it’s all changed, and you need the value of exceptional NFT designs. Exceptional NFT design services are what we provide.

Exclusive NFT Generator

Rarity Distribution in NFT projects has a direct and vital impact on your revenue. This can be achieved only through a balanced algorithm. We have developed a balanced algorithm with our exclusive NFT Generating Software for a perfect rarity distribution.


We know the terrible consequences that may happen with even a day’s delay from the publicly announced mint day. We only promise you a time that we are 100% sure that we will not delay even a day, and in most cases, our NFT design studio will deliver the project even faster.


Those in the NFT world know that there is no time for delay. The NFT market is fast and hungry, and constantly changing. We assign several professional NFT designers with unique skills to your NFT project to deliver your NFT design collection faster than any other NFT design agency!


The team behind an NFT project matters a lot to investors. Having an international award-winning NFT art studio with extensive experience of working on several NFT projects, including sold-out and celebrity ones, will absolutely work in your favor. If you want, we’d gladly join your AMAs!

Web3 Culture

Our talented team understands the Web3 culture and NFT marketplace. We get web3 and its language. Our NFT design studio reads the news, follows new NFT world and market trends, NFT trading, and analyzes the reasons for the success and failure of projects. We are not just artists, we are NFT artists!

6ix9ine's Gine NFT Collection

When 6ix9ine decided to create his new NFT collection, he trusted Pixune to create digital art for his NFT collection. It was an exciting challenge and journey because while the art style of the NFT project was 3D Hyper Realistic and the customer needed about 200 traits and 17 legendary non fungible tokens, we only had 2.5 months. When you work with a celebrity, you have to be the best and the fastest! We succeeded in delivering this project with more traits, higher quality and exactly in the promised time. The generation of this NFT project was also done by Pixune with the help of our exclusive software, algorithm, and market leader.

Collection Size: 6969

Traits: 290

Art Style: Hyper-Realistic 3D

Legendaries: 17

Production Duration: 2.5 months

Generated by Pixune

We Are The Artists Behind 6ix9ine's Gine NFT Collection

Not only we designed the arts of this project, we took care of generating.

NFT Design Process

1 NFT Design Process Character Base Sketch

Base Character Sketch

First, we have to design your digital artwork base character. Designing base characters is the most important part of designing an NFT because this character is going to be used in several thousands of your NFT designs. This character is the star of your NFT artwork. To make sure that you have made the best decision, we will design 2 to 5 different sketches so that you have some choices and you can choose the best one. Also, if you want to change the sketches, we will do it with pleasure.
1 NFT Design Process Character Base Sketch
2 NFT Design Process Character Base Painting

Final Base Character

The chosen sketch will be painted in your required art style, which will be our blueprint for the project. This is how your avatars will look like the character base with all the traits in the correct position and size.
2 NFT Design Process Character Base Painting
3 NFT Design Process Trait Sketch

Traits Sketches

Our talented artists will create and present to you a sketch for each trait of your character.
3 NFT Design Process Trait Sketch
4 NFT Design Process Trait Painting

Traits Painting

All traits will be painted once the variation sketches have been approved by you.
4 NFT Design Process Trait Painting
5 NFT Design Process NFT Generating

NFT Generating

At this stage, we will start generating your NFT using the designed traits in Pixune's special method and our own dedicated software.
5 NFT Design Process NFT Generating
6 NFT Design Process Final Output 2

Final Output

If we have done the project generation, in the end, you will receive all the PNG files of NFT designs and their metadata, in addition to the PSD file that contains all the traits in layers. But if you want to generate it yourself, we will deliver the layered PSD file of the project to you in order to generate it yourself.
6 NFT Design Process Final Output 2


NFT design services can cost about $10K (€9.5K) to $20K (€19K) for a 2D project and between $30K (€28.5K) and $60K (€57K) or more for a 3D project.
The cost of generating NFT designs is calculated separately and depends on many factors, such as the number of traits, complexity of the art, art style, time delivery, etc.
For an accurate price and time estimation on your NFT project, contact us right now and receive a quotation within 24 hours.

Designing a 2D NFT collection with around 200 traits takes about 1 to 2 months, and for 3D collections, about 2 to 3 months. Multiple factors can affect this time span, such as the number of traits, complexity of the art, art style, time delivery, etc.
For an accurate time and price estimation on your own project, contact us right now and receive a quotation within 24 hours.

Yes. As we said, we have our own exclusively developed NFT generator and algorithm, which delivers a perfectly balanced non fungible token collection.

Of course! We can provide some sneak peeks within 1-2 weeks to use on multiple platforms like your Discord or Twitter server. More sneak peeks will be available over time.

It depends on many factors, such as your target audience, the values ​​of your NFT projects, your budget, and time. If you are not sure about the art style of your project, contact us and consult our expert team.
Currently, we can say that simpler and minimal art styles (both 2D and 3D) work better in the current NFT marketplaces and also require less time and budget.

Gladly! We understand the importance of AMAs in promoting an NFT collection. Our account manager can join your AMAs and answer the questions of your investors about the NFT artwork of the collection. He/she can also be active on your Discord channel and engage digitally with your target audience.

No doubt! Pixune is also an animation studio and has won 8 awards for only one of its animations. We can produce engaging and eye-popping 2D/3D animated promos to hype up your NFT projects.

Dear customer, the full copyright and ownership of all collections and any other intellectual property we create for you will completely belong to you.
We do not claim any rights to reuse or resell your unique digital assets made for you unless we have your explicit permission. The only permission we ask for is the ability to showcase the digital file of the project in our diverse portfolio as NFT project examples.
To provide you peace of mind, we are happy to sign NDAs and other agreements confirming your full ownership and IP rights. Please let us know if you would like any documentation around asset rights and ownership. Our NFT design company wants you to feel 100% confident in our handling of the intellectual property produced.
In the 6ix9ine project, a lot of confidential photos and videos of the artist were provided to us as art design references, but not even one was leaked.

Pixune character design studio offers high-quality NFT design services across different styles, including stylized, photorealistic, pixel art, flat art, glitch art, generative art, cartoonish, surrealism, etc.

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