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Game Art Localization feature image - Art by Soraya Heidari

The Ultimate Guide to Game Art Localization: Bridging Cultures

Say hello to the fascinating world of video game art localization: an essential part of video game production, though one which is often perhaps unfairly overshadowed by more overtly creative or technically demanding elements.
Story Creation for an Animation

How to Write a Story for an Animation?

To write a story for 3D animation is to use the technology of the future to tell your tale. The writer must adapt his thoughts, as well as traditional narrative writing skills, and learn to
Pixune original art - feature image - minimalist game art

Key Elements of Minimalist Game Art: Breaking Down the Basics

In an age where video games are all about the best graphics and realistic appearances, the minimalist style has served as a calming, laid-back answer to it all.
God of War - Feature image - best game trailers

Top 10 Game Trailers of All Time: Raising the Bar (2024 Review)

These game trailers aren't just advertisements; they're short films that encapsulate the essence of their games. They use music, narrative structure, visual language to set expectations, and evoke emotions.

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