Game Art Outsourcing Services

By an award-winning game art studio

Game Art Outsourcing Services

By an award-winning game art studio

Game Character Design

Our game character designers support a wide array of art styles from stylized to realistic. So rest assured that we can create the characters that you have in mind.

Game Weapon Design

Just specify what kind of weapon you need for your game. Real, Sci-Fi, fun, etc. and our artists will design it for you. We can turn almost anything into a weapon. If we were living in a game, we would be like the mad scientist who destroys the world unintentionally by their weaponry creations.

Game Vehicle Design

Creativity is the most important thing in designing. We can turn a 1938 Beetle into a Lambo Veneno and vice versa. Don’t you believe it? Just contact us and you’ll be amazed by the things we can do with vehicles.

Game Environment Design

If you know exactly what you want, we would implement your exact idea. We can also give you tons of ideas about the way you want the environment of your game to be designed.

Game UI/UX Design

We’ve got good news for you. We can even implement & set up your UI in Unity! It would be responsive and implemented properly in the Unity UI system. If you have a specific guideline for how to implement UIs for your game, just send it to us and our developer and artists will take care of it.

Game Character Animation

We can animate 2D characters in Spine and Unity (Anima2D) and 3D Characters in Maya and 3Ds Max and export these animations in the way you want. Even If you already have the characters, we can set up, rig and animate them for you.

Game Promo

Need a promo/trailer for your upcoming game? We’ve got you covered! Increase your installs with our eye-catching 2D/3D animations.

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Why You? What Do You Do Differently?

Mostly nothing 😀 We pretty much do everything other studios do, we just do it better 😉 Besides, these are some reasons you should consider us:

  1. Art Direction: An art director will be assigned to your project to ensure all the game assets meet the target quality and share a unified art style. Also to make sure they are beautiful, of course 😀
  2. Communication Management: A team of artists, animators and managers will work on your project but to save your time and energy, you’ll be in contact with only one person. This person documents all of your requests and makes sure the team understands and provides them in time. This guy truly fights for you! (He’s a nice guy, you’ll like him 😉 )
  3. Quality/Price Balance: We are not neither cheap nor expensive. We design eye-popping game arts at fair & reasonable costs. We offer a beautiful balance between quality and price.
  4. Do You Feel A Connection With Our Art? In the end, people choose artists if they like their art and character. If you like what you see, contact us to examine the chemistry between us. If you feel connected with both us and our art, then it’s safe to say we are the right choice!

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