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How to Write a Brilliant Explainer Video Script?


We had the blessing to create hundreds of captivating explainer videos that helped the companies receive millions of views. Also, without a strong script, no video is complete. We are prepared to impart everything we’ve learned about composing a video script. You can get inspiration for writing a brilliant explainer video script right here. This blog shows you how to create an explainer video script that aligns with your objectives and captivates your intended audience and solves a problem.

What is the Importance of a Good Explainer Video Script?

Writing a script is similar to building the framework for your video. It offers the overall plot of the 3D explainer videos. Also, it assists you in determining the order and necessary creation of the images for your story.

An engaging story will keep your audience interested. All the facts you describe in your video will enable the viewer in grasping the significant new topic you are introducing to them if the pacing and presentation of the ideas follow a logical sequence. You wouldn’t have anything without fantastic storytelling. Don’t rush this process because it’s difficult to improve a video that has poor storytelling at the beginning.

What is the importance of a good explainer video script?

Challenges in Explainer Video Script Writing

It’s tough to write explainer video scripts. There may be a lot of obstacles to overcome and mistakes to make before you polish it and create the ideal version. They’re here, in part:

  • The key component of the best scenes

To keep more tense and concentrated on the narration, the audience anticipates that the most dramatic scenes will be clear, that they will see more of the crucial events, and that they will hear fewer dialogues (if any) about everything that is happening and will happen in the end.

  • Description of what the screen won’t allow you to see

Only via actions can characters’ thoughts, feelings, internal struggles, and mental distress be depicted on television. Recall that. You must explain the movements, gestures, expressions, and sounds that will help the audience understand what is going on within the heads of your characters.

  •  Short exposure

There is a voice-over that slightly expands on what we already see on screen, and there may also be flashbacks that pause the movie’s action. The key idea is to keep the audience’s attention on the present while not revealing the past or future. Nevertheless, depending on the genre of your video, there can be exceptions.

In fact, strong scripts resemble sonnets. They have a specific structure, are elegant, straightforward, and rhythmic, and communicate the issue and possible solutions in a specified amount of lines. So, use that formula consistently.

Challenges in explainer video script writing

How to Write an Outstanding Video Explainer Script?

An explainer video script has two components: the story itself, and the way in which you choose to tell it. It’s crucial to get the story right because it serves as the basis for everything else. This is the procedure:

1) Decide on Your Story

We encounter explainers all too frequently that contain muddled messaging, ramble all over the place, or save the most important information till last. Sometimes it’s so annoying that it really causes more harm than not explaining anything at all. Avoid making this mistake. Your task is to present one story in an organized, straightforward manner. 

The story you tell will probably fall into one of two categories: process walkthrough or problem-solution. Despite how minor they can be, each has its subtleties. You may write a powerful explainer video script by using these story formats.

Problem-Solution: This is a tried-and-true strategy for portraying your company’s product or service as the hero who makes your audience’s life easier: problem-solution. Make the issue noticeable and relevant before using the story to flow naturally into the solution. Don’t focus on the issue more than the solution, please. Instead of having them think about the annoying issue, you want them to daydream about your fantastic product or service.

Process Overview: This strategy can be applied to a product how-to or a service overview. There isn’t a problem with this strategy. It is a complete narrative. Your story should be organized into distinct beats that smoothly and quickly move from one to the next.

It’s okay if your video doesn’t exactly fit into one of these categories. The following is the genuine formula for explainer video success: Give your audience a simple setup and a satisfying conclusion. Always bear in mind:

Be confident and forthright. You want your audience to have faith in you right away.

Be prepared for the viewer’s inquiries. Make sure the story addresses them.

Here are some queries that can help in finding your story:

  • What makes me want to share my story? Make an explainer video for business purposes only. To assist you orient your messaging and create a strong script, be aware of your goal.
  • What’s the angle I’m taking? In an explainer video, you’re either completing a knowledge gap or enhancing your audience’s understanding. How are you making them more knowledgeable or informed?
  • Why should it be of care to them? What do the people you’re talking to want? What are their problems, and how do you plan to address them? You must have this information in order to enable you to customize your message for them.
  • What benefit will this have? You decide how that comes through, but it needs to offer some valuable information.
  • What should my audience remember about this? Your ending needs to be memorable. All your work will be for nothing if your explainer holds up until a closer shrug. There should be a clear takeaway, but you shouldn’t close with a message that is blatantly sales-based (doing so can undo the work your explainer film just performed).

Make sure your story remains front and center at every level of the scripting process. As you know, Each media and platform has its own audience and a special storytelling method, so considering transmedia storytelling may also be of use to you. 

2) Simplify Your Story

Reddit has a subreddit for just about anything, but Explain Like I’m Five is one of the most fascinating ones. It’s an easy idea to grasp: convey a concept using language and passion that you would use to convey it to a 5-year-old child. Even if your audience is quite intelligent, the objective of an explainer is to communicate information clearly.

Don’t be patronizing; instead, keep your story as straightforward as you can. A good explainer video script should be easy to understand, intriguing, and engaging for adults. (Also, the shorter your video, the more you respect the attention span of your viewers.) Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Write your story outline in five sentences, if possible. You’ll learn to simplify your ideas by doing this activity.


  • Use concise, basic sentences. Write as if you were conversing with a friend or member of your family. Writing for voice-over benefits from the fact that we speak much more casually than we do when we write. If in doubt, keep things straightforward.

3) Involve the audience in the narrative

So your product uses underneath sea cables to transmit information packets? That’s lovely. The only thing someone is interested in is the faster Internet. Find ways to personalize and make the story relatable for the audience; this will make it simpler to grab and hold their interest. As you write, keep in mind: 

  • Speak to them directly. Find opportunities to put your audience in control. For instance, address the audience directly rather than following the antics of a character on television. Use the second person to write.


  • Employ their language. Language should be professional if they are academic experts. The usage of unfamiliar words or phrases with a lot of extraneous meaning (like “cumbersome”) should be avoided.
Involve the audience in narrative

4) Add Emotion

You might aim to make your audience laugh or cry; either way, the more emotional response is evoked, the more engaged your audience will be. Hook them right away.

You’re not required to deliver the best ghost story ever told over a campfire. A good story is what counts most. To assist you convey an emotion, use your tone, words, anecdotes, statistics, or any other storytelling technique. (Just be careful that the feeling is fitting for the subject.)

A key element in this is effectively communicating your brand voice. People want to connect emotionally with other people, so be yourself and present yourself as a friendly, approachable buddy. (Yes, even those legal or technical explainers of matters can be friendly or charming.)


Add emotion in the inside out

5) Check the Length

When crafting an explainer video script, conciseness is essential. Longer sentences will have less of an effect. Keep in mind that explainer videos typically last between 30 and 3 minutes.

Take note of your word count. A comfortable pace is between 130 and 150 words per minute.
Run a read-through. Read your script out loud, but don’t rely on that technique alone to save time. You’ll read more quickly than a voice actor who follows a suitable tempo because you are familiar with the script. 


6) Make adjustments for voice-over

People who create excellent blog articles or bestselling novels frequently overlook the fact that videos are an altogether different species. It seems simple enough to write for video, but that’s the problem. While some explainers skip the voice-over, yours most likely will; as such, your writing must take it into consideration. 

Your use of language should be real: 

  • Keep your vocabulary simple. Voice actors are experts, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t seen a cut ruined by a clumsy word or an odd pronunciation that disrupts the narrative flow. Reduce the number of syllables if you can. 


  • Rephrase problematic language. Many explainer video scripts use copy that doesn’t exactly reflect the way people speak in real life. For instance, a common strategy is the scripted question-and-answer exchange: “Why is internet shopping so frustrating? Thus, you cannot try on clothing. Say little more than “Online shopping is difficult because you can’t try clothes on.” Boom. Done.
How explainer videos can benefit your business

7) Demonstrate, Don't Tell

Whether you’re a first-grader or a published novelist, this ought to be the golden rule for all writing. Why explain when you can just show? (Psychology Today claims that our brains process movies 60,000 times faster than text; make use of this fact.)

You have a wide range of visual resources at your disposal, including animation, motion graphics, data visualization, kinetic text, etc. Use these components to do labor-intensive tasks. When you visualize information, you use fewer words and convey ideas more clearly. So show, don’t tell!

Demonstrate, don't tell

Create Your Own Explainer Video!

Each business has an apart target market with particular demands. A high-quality and effective explainer video must have diction, phrasing, and references that accurately represent the business or firm. Do you feel prepared to begin creating your animated explainer video? Make an appointment with us right away to get amazing results!

We provide a wide selection of animated explainer videos to help you achieve your target goals and objectives, ranging from 2D to 3D videos and whiteboard animation. In line with a few specifications and criteria, we also produce custom videos.  

We are thrilled to support your efforts to share your ideas with the world and to contribute to the growth and success of your company.

Final Words

A script for your video can be tricky to write. To support and effectively use an explainer video, you must have a specially created script. This blog is intended to help you create an emotive narrative that will compel viewers to buy your goods or employ your services. If you want to improve conversion rates and raise sales, this is a fantastic place to start.

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