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Tak Steak

3D Animated Commercial

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Monsters Cop - 3D Animation MovieMonsters Cop - 3D Animation Movie
Monsters Cop - 3D Animation MovieMonsters Cop - 3D Animation Movie
Monsters Cop - 3D Animation MovieMonsters Cop - 3D Animation Movie

Project Description

For this project, the client wanted a fun and attractive commercial to promote their latest brand of Steak sauce. From pre-production to post-production, the “Tak Steak” commercial was brought to life completely in-house by Pixune.

From the ideation to the first script and last-minute character model tweaks, we did every part with care while having fun! The client was satisfied and received very positive feedback for the commercial.


[Interior – A table at a Classy Dining Restaurant – Time Unknown]

The Chef opens a dish lid on the table to present the restaurant’s special steak to the customer. The customer looks hungry and excited, licking his lips.
Chef: Mama Mia! Here you go, the Tak restaurant’s special steak!
The customer makes a move to start eating but the chef interrupts him.
Chef: Ah and of course, Tak Restaurant’s special sauce!
The container is empty and no sauce comes out when the chef tries to pour some over the steak.
Chef: Ouch! This one’s empty. Just a moment, please!
The chef exits the screen. 

[Interior – Kitchen – Time Unknown]

The chef runs across his kitchen. It is a homey and crowded space. On his way to a giant circular safe door, the chef stops by the oven for a few moments to turn over the steaks. He looks very busy and in rush.

A mechanism in the door protrudes out and a mechanical hand offers a spoonful of food to the chef. The chef tries it and considers his answer carefully.

Chef: It’s Kalepache! (A Persian Dish)

The light turns green and the door accepts the answer and opens up with a hiss of escaping air. The chef rushes in and closes the door behind him so the viewer can’t see what is going on behind it. Steaks on the oven begin to burn. The camera stays in position until the chef comes out after a few moments.

Chef: I’m back!
 The camera pans out and we can see that his entire arm is in the mouth of a large alligator. He drags the alligator behind him as he moves toward the kitchen door. 

[Interior – A table at a Classy Dining Restaurant – Time Unknown]

The chef is back at the customer’s table. He is pouring Tak Special Sauce over the steak.
Chef: Here you go sir, Tak’s special sauce!
The chef wipes the swear off his forehead. He is clearly exhausted. There is a ringing sound and the chef turns around.
Chef: Yes?
 The camera turns to another table and another customer. A man is shaking his sauce container to show it is empty. He looks expectantly at the chef and makes a sound to indicate his impatience. The camera is back on chef. He faints out by exhaustion. 

[Information Screen – Narration]

The chef narrates while several burgers and steaks are shown on the screen.

Chef: All types of delicious steaks and burgers by a special chef!
Fade to black. 

[Interior – Inside Safe Room – Time Unknown]

The chef closes the door behind him. He starts getting past several traps that are on his way. First, he has to jump over a few platforms to cross a moat filled with alligators that jump up to eat the chef. Then he dodges several giant blades that swing from the ceiling. He arrives at a podium with a Take Steak Sauce on top of it. He picks it up and when he turns around to go back, a blade cuts his mustache in half.
 Fade to black. 

[Interior – Safe Room – Time Unknown]

The chef is trying to get past the alligator trap while mourning his mustache.

Chef: Oh my mustache!
An alligator jumps up and puts the entire chef’s arm in its mouth. The chef looks miserable.

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