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Award-Winning 3D Animated Short Film

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Monsters Cop - 3D Animation MovieMonsters Cop - 3D Animation Movie
Monsters Cop - 3D Animation MovieMonsters Cop - 3D Animation Movie
Monsters Cop - 3D Animation MovieMonsters Cop - 3D Animation Movie


  • Winner of 2nd Prize in India’s Acharaya Tulsi Animation Festival 2017
  • Finalist in India’s Frames Film Festival 2019
  • Finalist in Italia’s San Mauro Festival 2019
  • Chosen Animation of Brazil’s Aniam Mundi Festival 2017
  • Chosen Animation of USA’s Skyline Festival 2017
  • Chosen Animation of UK’s Hackney Attic Festival 2017
  • Chosen Animation of USA’s Georgia Animation Festival 1720
  • Chosen Animation of Turkey’s Kisakes Festival 2017

Project Description

War is always Destruction

The second world war was a warning for mankind. Bombs fell from the sky and laid waste to everything. There were no differences between concrete and the living. Even though decades have passed since this destructive war, its footprint is still easily seen.
Ruination has touched the soil of every country involved. There are people who still suffer from those events after generations. The idea for War animation was sparked by this notion.


War aims to display the horrors and hardships of the war and the consequences that follow. In this seemingly short 100 seconds, we follow the nuclear detonation and the long years that follow. Tragedies can happen in seconds, but the regret will last centuries. War short animation seeks to express undeniable truths between the frames.


This animation was made following a several month effort by Pixune Studio. Several artists contributed for the completion of this project. The animation managed to spread its message when it managed to garner international attention and earn several awards from multiple festivals around the globe.

The War short animation managed to earn 8 nominations and international awards and was praised by audience and the critics.


In Pixune we always try to spread the cautionary tale about the consequences of violence in whatever way we can.


[Exterior – Shifting Landscapes – Day and Night]

The camera shows the wreckage of a downed warplane in the style of the World War 2 bombers. There is a bomb lying on the ground beside the plane, with a symbol that marks it as a nuclear bomb.


The camera zooms on the bomb while a crow comes and sit on the bomb. The crow hits the bomb with its beak several times before flying away. A small rock is loosened by this act and falls off. Consequently, the bomb also falls off and starts rolling down the hill.


The camera follows the rolling bomb as it moves. Screen turns to black and white behind the bomb as it rolls by. This change from color to black and white continues through the entire animation. The bomb moves across a desert plane where the bomber is located, and falls off to a jungle at night. Along the way, the bomb crushes a growing sapling.


The bomb falls off the jungle into a savannah and bumps into a rock, which makes the bomb bounce and hit a bird nest up in a tree, causing it to fall down.


The bomb continues to roll down and falls off the savannah into a snowy mountain slope. It disturbs the snow formation, causing an avalanche to roll down the slope, destroying everything along its path and even swallowing the bomb.


The camera follows the avalanche with bomb inside it until it falls off the snowy mountain into a rocky desert. The bomb moves toward a rabbit hole with an adult rabbit and two newborn rabbits around it. The adult rabbit quickly guides the newborns into the safety of the hole, but can’t get inside in time itself.


The rolls behind the rabbit as it flees, but after reaching the edge, the bomb pushes rabbit down and falls down after it. An explosion is heard.
Fade to white.


The camera shows a gloomy version of the same place rabbit and the bomb fell, but pans out and shows more of the landscape. A few crows are sitting near the edge as the somber music plays out.

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