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How Much Does a Character Design Cost?

How Much Does a Character Design Cost?


Character design is one of the most important parts of each project, whether game or animation. Character design rates can be found anywhere from $1000 (€950) for simple 2D character design art to $100,000 (€95,000) or more for complex 3D characters, and there is no precise estimation. However, character design could be costly, but based on the type, the price range would differ. Different types of character design services are 2D, 3D, animation, game, mascot, and NFT.
In this blog, we will discover character design price and rates, factors influencing character design’s cost, and tips for controlling costs.

Character Design Pricing

2D and 3D character design rates can be found anywhere from $1000 (€950) to $100,000 (€95,000) or more, and there is no precise estimation.
This cost depends on the specific needs and requirements of the project, including art style, number & complexity of characters, technical specifications, and time.

These 2D character design price lists include sketching, color blocking, and painting.

2D Character Design
Price Range
Minimal & Simple
Stylized & Cartoony

3D character design price lists includes concept art, model sheets, modeling, texturing, and rigging:

3D Character Design
Price Range
Minimal & Simple
Stylized & Cartoony
How Much Does a Character Design Cost?

Different Types of Character Design Cost

Character design is a crucial aspect of any creative project, be it a video game, animation, comic book, or film. Here are some common types of character design and their associated costs:

Concept Art

Concept art is the initial stage of character design, where artists explore different ideas, styles, and concepts for a character. The cost of concept art can range from a few hundred dollars for a simple sketch to several thousand dollars for a fully rendered concept piece.

Production Art

Production art is the final, detailed artwork used for animation, video games, or other media. This type of character design requires a higher level of detail and refinement compared to concept art. The cost of production art can range from $1,000 to $5,000 or more per character

2D Character Design

2D character design is commonly used in animation, comics, and illustration. The cost of 2D character design can vary widely, ranging from a few hundred dollars for a simple character to several thousand dollars for a highly detailed, multi-pose character sheet.

3D Character Design

3D character design is used in video games, animated films, and other digital media. The cost of 3D character design can be significantly higher than 2D design due to the additional complexity and technical requirements. A basic 3D character model can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000, while a highly detailed, rigged, and animated character can cost upwards of $10,000 or more.

Which Factors Can Influence the Cost of Character Design?

There are several factors that can influence the cost of character design. Considering these factors when planning a character design project for better budgeting and ensuring a successful collaboration is important.


Characters with more quality require more time, skill, and effort; as a result, more money. So if you want a higher quality, you have to pay more.

Level of Detail

The more detailed the design, the more time and cost it takes to create. You must have a higher budget for high-detailed designs that have a more complex character design process.

character design cost

The Complexity of the Characters

Characters with complex features like intricate clothes, accessories, and body shapes could also increase the character design costs.

Experience and Expertise of the Team

It’s important to consider the experience and expertise of the team you are working with. Art outsourcing studios or artists with wonderful resumes may charge higher character design price rates.

Usage Rights

If the character design is going to be used on different platforms for commercial purposes, such as marketing campaigns or video games, it will increase the character design pricing.

Turnaround Time

The less time be design a character, the more cost to pay for it. Artists may charge a premium price for rush jobs due to the lack of time and compact efforts.

Art Style

Different types of art styles require different periods of time and cost. Those types of art styles that are challenging and take longer to create are more expensive than others.

Level of Required Revisions

Extensive revisions to the characters require more time, effort, and absolutely cost. By paying more for the character design, you can achieve your desired result.

Size of the Project

The project size may also influence the cost, as larger projects with several characters or extensive design requirements will require more time and effort to complete.

Geographic Location

Living and industry standards differ in various regions; character design price list can also differ. In some areas, artists and character design studios may have a higher range of character design pricing due to the high demands or skills.

Tips for Controlling Costs

Here are some tips for cost control during a character design project:

Provide a Detailed Brief

In order to have a character design that meets your needs, you must be as specific as possible. Try to have a list of your requirements about the character’s appearance and personality to help the artist understand your project better.

Prioritize Key Features

Identify the most important aspects of the project and make them clear to the artists in order to cut down the error chance.

Consider Alternative Styles

Considering alternative art styles that are simpler or more affordable while still meeting your design needs may require less budget.

Be Open to Feedback

Try to listen and be open to the feedback and recommendations from artists working on your project. This kind of collaboration can provide you with the best possible result.


In conclusion, the answer to how much does a character design costs? depends on many factors and can vary from region to region, such as the type of character design service (2D, 3D, animation, game, mascot, NFT), the complexity of the design, the level of detail, the art style, the number of characters needed, and the experience of the team. You can outsource your art for less cost and a faster process. But pay attention to the factors that can influence the pricing.

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