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Remarkable Animation Trends in 2024

Remarkable Animation Trends in 2024


Animation continues to grow in popularity in 2024. Client and design teams are coming up with innovative ideas for projects that are more colorful and approachable than before. In an interesting twist, artists are combining contemporary technology with old craftsmanship and aesthetics by taking inspiration from the rich analog histories of their respective fields. There has never been a more exciting time for motion as the industry develops new technologies. If you are looking for 2024 trends in the animation industry, this blog is for you.

What is Trending in Animation Now?

Different types of animation have developed into powerful instruments for innovative marketing and advertising. They continuously support various forms of business promotion and help to mold a completely new method of presenting goods and services in the current digital sphere. You’ll see that the color schemes and overall style of motion design trends in animation services lean toward simplicity and have a touch of nostalgia. The fashion and media trends of 2024 are likewise influenced by these animation trends.

1. Limited Color Palette

The poetry is laconic, yet a few short sentences can convey a lot. The same may be said for colors. The current fashion is to use a limited number of basic colors to tell a visual tale, rather than a broad palette with many semi-tones. It has also developed into one of the most popular trends in digital illustration services. Your animation can focus on brief and clear storytelling while adopting your brand color by using a limited color palette. 

The impact of the green/blue hues is simple to recall and recognize, which contributes to the development of brand identification. Color is one of the most identifiable characteristics of a visual brand. For instance, blue is linked to feelings of confidence, inspiration, and serenity, while green is linked to sustainability, nature, the outdoors, and health—all important aspects of values.

The limited palette gives animation a simple yet effective appearance. To convey the mood and character of the artwork with only a few colors presents a challenge for the artist. The expertly created animation may appear quite beautiful and exceptional despite the limited color pallet. These animations frequently have a little retro or nostalgic flavor to them.

Restricted color palette

2. 2D and 3D Combo

Even though combining 2D and 3D animation can be challenging, it is not impossible. Despite being a common technique in high-budget Pixar films, 2D and 3D animation blended is also being utilized more frequently in business. Combining 2D and 3D can also be less expensive because you can retain the 3D experience while using fewer 3D characters to keep costs down. 

Many motion designers combine them, claiming that doing so gives a video a unique aesthetic and increases viewer enjoyment. The combination of 2D and 3D animation services, as well as the addition of moving 2D overlayers, are examples of this trend that are most extensively used. This technique can be used in both small-scale digital advertising and high-budget advertisement videos. Disney is one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information on both 2D and 3D animation. 

3. Kinetic Typography

Because there is a strong possibility that experimentation with fonts and typefaces may reduce readability, artists frequently hesitate to do so. However, in 2024, they take on fresh typographic difficulties, break traditional rules, and produce surprisingly impressive outcomes.

It appears that kinetic typography actively encourages stretching, bending, and distorting of the letters while literally claiming to go beyond the bounds of conventional type. And you know what? People enjoy it. An animated brand’s kinetic typography on e-commerce websites and mobile apps attracts more attention, makes it distinctive, and shows outstanding performance.

4. Morphing

In 2024, morphing continues to gain popularity. It is a technique used in animation and motion pictures to seamlessly transform one image or shape into another. Nowadays, the animation ideas of morphing characters, logos, graphics, and other items are spreading even further.

As a visual magnet, it holds our interest and encourages us to observe the impact all the way through. This method is especially helpful in website animation since it prolongs the time spent on a page and helps keep website visitors’ eyes on the page. Therefore, it is advantageous for search engine optimization since Google promotes those websites that are so interesting that users spend more time on them than usual.

4. Vertical Animations

The use of vertical animation is growing. According to research, 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices. They can swipe through without having to flip their smartphones, which speeds up the process. Businesses may quickly post the same video on their social network accounts using vertical formats. Around 6 billion individuals use mobile devices worldwide. This figure only keeps rising. 

The number of people who use vertical phones has a real impact on how we consume media on a daily basis. Vertical animations rank among the most important motion graphic trends for 2024, in our opinion. All three platforms—TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook—share the vertical way in which we consume material. In order to view a movie or a photo, very few users bother to flip their phones or tablets horizontally. Vertical videos for Instagram Stories, TikTok, and Facebook Ads have become increasingly popular as a result.

vertical animation

5. Animated Logos

Businesses try to include animation in various branding materials in their struggle for a spectacular and unforgettable online presence. One of the most important trends in brand identity design is the use of animated logos. Motion graphics give static typography and iconography life, enhancing a brand’s appeal to customers and giving it a more dynamic appearance. Due to their unexpected movements and twists, animated logos are frequently linked to a brand’s tendency for innovation and providing something distinctive to its clients. Check out here if you want to see a collection of animated logos. 

6. Grain Effects and Texture

A tool used to give a picture or drawing a realistic appearance is grain. It adds texture, which gives the images a rough, organic appearance. Additionally, this type of animation makes videos stand out above other media to create the impression of nostalgia. The grain qualities and texture give off a vintage vibe that feels ageless, which is part of the appeal. The graphics appear a little rougher, more organic, and more like the surfaces and textures of the real world.

The animated videos with the grain effect stand out from the competition and assist brands in providing clients with visually appealing content. Such animation shows a company’s commitment to originality and high-quality craftsmanship.

Grain effects and texture

Hybrid Techniques

Using hybrid techniques in a single video is one of the other 2024 video design trends. The majority of hybrid videos blend 2D animation with 3D elements, and occasionally live-action videos. We may think about how one type of animation complements another in exciting and inventive ways by looking at the best motion graphics of 2024, which successfully connect different art forms into one product.

Line Art

A film with self-drawing lines may be the perfect option if you’re seeking for something more serious and calming in 2024 motion graphics trends, which appeal to all tastes. This type of design allows you to easily and clearly observe how a thin line can form many figures, logos, words, and other things. It might be one of the most effective motion design trends for explainer videos, business meetings, or presentations for college students.

What is the Trend in 3D Animation?

3D animation has transformed from early wireframes into stunning Pixar films realized with advanced rendering and simulation. It now dominates animation requiring complex physics, environments, and effects that are prohibitively difficult in 2D. Realism continues to improve, yet stylized 3D with customized shaders and textures is also popular for emulating 2D looks.

  • Physically-Based Rendering (PBR)
  • Procedural Generation
  • Characters and Rigging
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Crowd Simulation

What is the Trend in 2D Animation?

Classic hand-drawn 2D animation endures as a beloved art form, now often created digitally through tablets but retaining its signature charm. However 2D animation encompasses countless disciplines beyond drawing frame-by-frame, from cutout to rotoscoping. Contemporary 2D techniques blend seamlessly with 3D and digital effects.

  • Digital 2D Animation
  • Cutout Animation
  • Rotoscoping
  • Motion Comics
  • Stop Motion

The Bottom Lines

The popularity of animation among brands today is still strong, and it is for good reason. Animation can accurately represent your brand and can also be more affordable than live action. A fun, engaging, and effective approach to conveying information is through animation. Because of this, animated explainers are useful for briefly explaining a product or service. The animation trends used to engage with consumer viewing habits change along with it. Trends in video design are continually changing. They mirror societal changes because they are particularly receptive to them. This blog introduced 9 trends in 2024 having been used for animation.

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