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How Much Does it Cost to Make a Game Trailer?

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Game Trailer?


Video game trailers are used to show a video game’s features, gameplay, story, and visual elements before or after realizing a game. Game trailer can cost about $5K (€4.8K) to $20K (€19K) or more for a 1-minute video. Each game trailer has unique selling points and uses cinematic sequences, in-game footage, gameplay snippets, and cutscenes to create an engaging presentation to achieve the goals. In addition, several factors like text overlays, voiceovers, sound effects, and music can make it more effective.

But there is always a question, how much does a video game trailer cost? In this blog, we will discuss the price range of different types of video game trailers and the moving factors.

How Much Does a Game Trailer Cost?

A 1 minute-long game trailer production can cost at least $5K (€4.8K) for 2D ones and $20K (€19K) or more for 3D ones. However, professional game trailers may cost from $5K to $50K (€4,800 – €48,000) for high-quality and complex ones for different types of game art styles.

These price ranges include scriptwriting, storyboarding, capturing in-game footage, editing, sound design, voiceover work, music licensing, and other post-production elements.

It’s also important to know a video game trailer cost can vary based on many factors, from the location to timing.

Here is a list of Pixune Studios’ services for creating a game trailer:

Pricing (USD)
Pricing (EUR)
$200 – $500
€190 – €480
Storyboard and Animatic (per minute)
$200 – $400
€190 – €380
Concept Art
$200 – $1000
€190 – €950
3D Character Design (including modeling, texturing and rig)
$1500 – $10,000
€1,400 – €9,500
2D Character Design (including design and rig)
$300 – $1500
€285 – €1,400
3D Environment Design (including modeling and texturing)
$500 – $5000
€480 – €4,800
2D Environment Design
$300 – $1500
€280 – €1,400
2D Animation (per minute)
$500 – $2000
€480 – €1,900
3D Animation (per minute)
$1000 – $5000
€950 – €4,800
3D Lighting (per environment)
$200 – $800
€190 – €750
3D Rendering (per minute)
$200 – $1500
€190 – €1,400
Compositing and Editing (per minute)
$100 – $500
€95 – €480
$250 – $2000
€240 – €1,900
Sound FX (per minute)
$100 – $300
€95 – €280

Example of Game Trailer Cost


The cost of creating a game trailer for Paladins cinematic trailer called “Go to War” can vary and change significantly based on several factors. However, as a rough estimate, this game trailer costs around $15,500 (€14,500) or more.

Dragon Shield

Pixune game trailer studio charged this video about $15,000 (€14,500) for high-quality performance, including storyboard, character design, concept art, environment design, VFX, animation, sound FX, modeling, texturing, rigging, rendering, etc.


While providing an approximate estimate, the cost of creating a game trailer for this project is around $8,000 (€7,500). However, it’s essential to note that this is not an exact figure, and the actual game trailer cost can vary and change depending on various factors.

Factors Influencing Game Trailer Costs

A number of factors can affect a game trailers cost. Some of the key factors include:

1. Complexity

The number of scenes, special effects, animations, and visual elements can greatly increase or decrease a game trailer cost. The more complex the video game trailer is, the more it costs.

2. Trailer Length

The duration of the video game trailer is an important factor for estimating the pricing. Longer trailers require more footage, editing, and post-production work, which might increase the expenses.

How Long Should a Video Game Trailer Be?

Game trailers can range in length from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the complexity, scope of the game, game stage, platform, budget, and time.

3. Quality

The high-quality resolution, visual fidelity, and production value require more effort, time, resources, and expertise, and as a result, more price tag.

4. Team Size

The experience, reputation, location, and skill set of the production team or company who are working on the project can affect the game trailer cost. Many reputable companies and teams may charge higher fees due to their expertise and track record.

5. Licensing and Assets

Licensed music, voiceovers, and other copyrighted materials will influence the cost to cover the licensing fees. Additionally, creating custom assets can add to the game trailer cost.

6. Scope and Requirements

The need for live-action sequences, multiple language versions, or platform-specific adaptations can directly act on the trailer cost.

Tips for Controlling Game Trailer Costs

Here are a few tips to decrease your game trailer production costs:

Use In-Game Assets

Maximize the use of existing in-game assets, if possible. Try to leverage the assets to save time and money instead of creating custom content from scratch. Your script plays an important role here. Try to write a script that allows you to implement the game’s assets, environments, and characters and doesn’t need new ones to create.

Use In-Game Screen Recording

Recording gameplay directly from the game to capture gameplay footage could be cost-effective for those with low budgets.

Keep it Short

Viewers, especially gamers, have a relatively short attention span. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid lengthy trailers and instead focus on creating concise and impactful 1-minute trailers rather than tiresome 10-minute ones. A shorter duration can help reduce production time and costs. Cut out any unnecessary scenes that doesn’t add value to the overall message.

Tips for Creating an Efficient Game Trailer

  • Follow the Hook Principle

The Hook Rule in advertising states that you have only 5 seconds to engage the viewer and convince them to watch the rest of the video. In video game trailers, the first 5 seconds are crucial and require an intriguing concept to capture the viewer’s attention.

  • Have a Clear CTA

Adding a compelling Call to Action (CTA) at the end of the game trailer is beneficial to guide viewers toward the desired action of installing, downloading, or purchasing the game after watching the trailer.

9 Popular Types of Game Trailers

There are many types of game trailers used in the gaming industry. Each type is created for a different trailer purpose and targets specific aspects of the game. Here are a few examples of different types of video game trailers:

  1. Announcement Trailer
  2. Gameplay Trailer
  3. Cinematic Trailer
  4. Story Trailer
  5. Launch Trailer
  6. DLC/Expansion Trailer
  7. Teaser Trailer
  8. Developer Diary/Behind-the-Scenes Trailer
  9. Gameplay Demo Trailer

Video Game Trailer Production Process

Needs and Requirments

First, the company or team working on your game trailer must completely comprehend your needs, unique project requirements, goals, and aspiration to plan the path by your criteria and factors.

Playing Your Game

Your game must be played by them to understand your gameplay, interesting visuals, mechanical points, and the main selling point of your game.

Script - Storyboard

Here, a script or storyboard that outlines the structure and content of your trailer is developed, which includes selecting key scenes, transitions, and any text overlays.


Sound design, voiceovers, narration, music composition, and sound editing are what the team must do here to capture the most compelling aspects of your game.
Creating an original soundtrack, using licensed music, and a clear voiceover that matches the tone and style of your game, is the key point here.

Capture Gameplay Footage

Now, they can use software or hardware to record high-quality gameplay and in-game footage that aligns with your trailer’s script. Capturing multiple angles and showcasing a variety of gameplay mechanics and environments can make it more engaging.

Edit the Footage

The team must trim, arrange, and enhance the captured gameplay footage; and add visual effects, text overlays, transitions, and graphics to create a polished trailer.

Review and Refine

It’s time to step back and review the video game trailer multiple times while also seeking feedback from players and others to gain different perspectives and improve the overall quality.

Export the Result

The final version of your game trailer is exported in a suitable format and optimized for various platforms and devices.

Why Outsource Trailer Production Instead of Producing It In-house?

Generally, outsourcing could always be effective and affordable. Gathering different artists and designers with different locations, time zones, languages, and cultures is more complex than it seems. There are four logical reasons to consider outsourcing video game trailer production, including saving money and time, creativity, quality, and scalability. An outsourcing game trailer company has the mentioned factors itself and doesn’t leave worry.

Do You Need a 3D Animation?

Looking to outperform your competitors with engaging, quick, and high-quality 3D animations? Well, look no further because that’s our specialty! Contact us to help you benefit your business with stunning 3D animation services.

Do You Need a 3D Animation?
Looking to outperform your competitors with engaging, quick, and high-quality 3D animations? Well, look no further because that’s our specialty! Contact us to help you benefit your business with stunning 3D animation services.

How To Choose the Best Game Trailer Company?

The best ways to choose the best game trailer company are as follows:
Checking their portfolio. Nothing tells better what they are capable of than their previous works.
Read their online reviews. How their clients think about them can help you.
Focus on communication. The first impression really matters when it comes to communication.
Compare your time and budget with them. The company must meet all your needs as well as your budget and schedule.


Many game publishers are looking to create engaging video game trailers to achieve their selling points and goals. These trailers may have different pricing; a game trailer cost depends on several factors like quality, length, complexity of assets, needs, scoop, licensing, and the production team. So the answer to how much does it cost to make a video game trailer is different from hundreds to thousands of dollars. We also covered the reason for outsourcing, the production process, and ways to choose the best outsourcing company to help you make your video game trailer considering your budget and the best result.

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