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What Is an Indie Game? A Complete Guide for All

What Is an Indie Game? A Complete Guide for All


Are you tired of the same old big-budget, mainstream games flooding the market? Look no further than indie games! These unique and innovative titles offer something for every type of gamer, from quirky puzzles to emotional narratives. But what is an indie game? Why are they so popular? And why should you give them a chance? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this exciting genre.

What Is an Indie Game?

An “Indie Game,” stands for an independent game. When compared to larger AAA games, indie games are usually created by small teams of developers and frequently use a novel or innovative design concept. These games can be created entirely from scratch by a single person or a small group of 2 to 10 individuals. You are an independent developer as long as an AAA publisher isn’t pushing you to work on the weekends in order to fulfill a Christmas deadline, regardless of whether your games have 3D or 2D game art, are spider platformers, or are bird-cake action shooters.

Since the resources used in independent games are either made by the developers themselves or obtained for free, they are occasionally referred to as “free” games. Indie games frequently emphasize innovation, experimental gameplay, and taking risks not typically allowed in AAA games because of their independence and creative freedom. Due to the lack of publisher support, independent games are typically sold through digital distribution platforms rather than at physical stores.

How to Make an Indie Game?

As a game creator, your biggest worry is that you are constantly working on your child but never give birth to it. Let us demonstrate how to create your own independent game. While making a successful independent game, there are a few extremely crucial aspects you should keep in mind whether you’re working alone or with a small team. It’s likely that you want to continue doing this rather than just making one game, and in order to continue doing what you love, you must produce games that are popular.

Budgeting Your Money

No matter how large or low your budget is, you must have one. You must be fully aware of your financial commitment to the game and where your money is going. 

Selecting the Best Software

The software you have access to may be large or tiny, depending on your budget. Fortunately, there are numerous 3D and 2D application options that can fit any budget. For a fair asking price, Maya LT is the lite version of Maya created for independent developers.

Choosing the Best Game Engine

Because there are so many different engines available, each with unique features and advantages, choosing one to utilize with your game might be challenging. The type of game you intend to create, and your budget, can both affect which game engine you use. To get them thoroughly and decide which one can help you most, check out the best game engines

Playing Many Games

This recommendation is certainly entertaining, but you should play games for educational purposes rather than just for enjoyment. Play your favorite games and analyze them to discover why you like them so much, what you think the game does well, and where you think it could be better.

Being Unique

You should not be reluctant to take risks. From mobile to PC and console, hundreds of new independent games are being released, and the market is continuously expanding. As previously stated, innovation is a great way to succeed. Avoid rehashing a game art style because you believe it will increase your revenue. Take chances with the mechanics, aesthetics, and artistic flair, and collaborate with an experienced game art outsourcing company. Make something distinct from the rest of the pack.

This doesn’t imply that you have to design a game with outlandish mechanics and garish graphics—instead, look for ways your game can stick out. A new way to apply the gameplay mechanics or something as straightforward as an exaggerated animation style could be the solution.

Creating something you're passionate about

You shouldn’t make an independent game because you want to become wealthy quickly. If that’s how you think, your game won’t be effective. Never design gameplay or graphics just because you believe it’s fashionable or will bring in more money. You will only become disinterested as a result. Make a game about something you’re passionate about instead because your enthusiasm will come through in it. Making your first indie game? Here, you can find the tips useful throughout the way. 

Indie Game Example

Why Indie Games Got popular?

Getting your game in front of consumers is comparatively simple for AAA game developers because the majority are funded by multi-million/billion dollar publishers and development studios that can manage to invest a small amount of money in advertising and marketing campaigns.

Due to the generally lower marketing budgets used by independent game makers, independent games aren’t advertised on television or in YouTube commercials like Call of Duty and company. Word-of-mouth, social media campaigns, influencer backing, and crowdfunds are typically how independent games gain popularity on Steam and

Doki-Doki Literary Club, Cuphead, and Getting Over It for Bennett Foddy all saw instant success due to their respective nasty twists, exquisite hand-drawn game art styles, and controller-snappingly meme-y crazy.

indie game example

Indie Games vs. AAA Games

Indie and AAA games differ primarily in their production scale and creative constraints. Indie games are developed by small, independent teams, usually on very limited budgets. This allows indie developers the creative freedom to experiment with novel gameplay concepts, art styles, and genres outside the mainstream. However, the small scale means indie games often have simpler graphics, shorter playtimes, and more focused experiences. 

AAA games, on the other hand, are big budget blockbusters made by large studios owned by major publishers. Their multimillion dollar budgets enable AAA games to push graphical fidelity, feature huge open worlds, and use performance capture to tell cinematic stories. But the massive scale and financial pressures of AAA development can also limit innovation and creative risk-taking. AAA games usually conform to established formulas and popular genres like first-person shooters. 

Fez as an indie game instance

Indie Games Examples

The majority of games created by AAA gaming companies have dominated gaming history if we were to look back on it. There was no such thing as an independent game back when games were mainly sold on shop floors and the digital age of gaming was a far-fetched fantasy.

Simply put, there was no easy method for resourceful small studios to break into the market. Instead of doing their own projects, these developers frequently end up contributing to more prominent companies.

Here is a list of the most famous indie games: 

  • Touhou Project Series
  • Cave Story
  • Braid
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Minecraft
  • Fez
  • Shovel Knight
  • Undertale
  • Cuphead

To Conclude

Indie games are the product of independent developers and publishers, who often create unique titles with a focus on creativity, artistry and narrative. Many indie games have experienced great success due to their innovative ideas and engaging gameplay. As the gaming industry continues to expand and evolve, we will likely see even more successful indie games hitting digital shelves in the years to come. Whether you’re looking for something new or simply curious about what these creative minds can do, this article helps you out!

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